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What to Do if Your Uber Driver Sexually or Physically Assaulted You in Maryland?

Physical or sexual assault can cause physical injuries and immense mental and emotional trauma. No one should have to face these effects. Uber and Lyft drivers are trusted with our physical safety, and a driver who takes advantage of the privacy in their car to sexually assault a passenger or who takes their aggression out on one of their riders should be held responsible for the damage they cause you. If you were physically or sexually assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver in Baltimore or anywhere else in Maryland, our Baltimore Uber and Lyft injury attorneys might be able to help. the attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras explain what to do next and how to get help with your case.

What to Do after an Assault by an Uber or Lyft Driver in Maryland

If you were injured or sexually assaulted by your Uber or Lyft driver’s intentional actions, there are various steps you should take after the incident.

File a Police Report

The first thing you should do is get to a safe place and report the case to the police. In many cases of assault or sexual assault, people are afraid to turn to the police because they do not want to be questioned or scrutinized for what happened to them. However, a record of a report to the police documents the time of the assault and certain information related to the case. This can help show that the case was serious if you reported it right away and help show that it happened when and where you said it did.

Document Information from Your Uber or Lyft App

You should also save any information you have in the app about who your driver was and where the route was. If you can, screenshot their bio page and any other information about the destination and pickup locations. An Uber or Lyft driver’s name, license plate number, and other identifying information is right there in the app, and this will help provide you with information about who to hold responsible.

Seek Medical Attention

While calling for a police response, you should also call for an ambulance if you were injured. Getting medical attention for your injuries can help you get the care you need to recover from your injuries. it can also create a record of the injuries you faced and show when you were treated and how severe the injuries were. In some cases of assault, the severity of the injuries will be a central issue in the case. In cases of sexual assault injuries in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, there might be no physical injuries for cases of unwanted touching alone. However, in cases of rape injuries in Maryland, evidence seized as part of a “rape kit” might be good physical evidence of what happened to you if the kit is property and timely processed.

Call a Lawyer

After you recover from the initial shock and effects of the assault, you should contact a Maryland personal injury lawyer. An Uber or Lyft assault lawyer can help you get compensation from the responsible driver and potentially sue Uber or Lyft themselves for putting you in danger. In cases of sexual assault in an Uber or Lyft, we can also help hold the individual driver accountable.

Damages for Assault and Sexual Assault in an Uber or Lyft in Maryland

If you were assaulted or sexually assaulted in an Uber or Lyft in Maryland, our attorneys might be able to represent you in your claim and fight to get you the damages you deserve. While there might also be a criminal case against the driver who assaulted you, that case will primarily focus on the punishment of the defendant and what they did. In a personal injury lawsuit, the focus will be the damages and injuries you suffered, and the court’s primary question will be whether to compensate you and how much you could be entitled to.

Our lawyers will typically fight for three main areas of damages for Uber and Lyft assault lawsuits in Baltimore and throughout the state: medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. These damages also apply to sexual assault lawsuits.

Medical Bills

Although your physical injuries might vary from case to case, we will fight for compensation for any medical treatment you needed because of the assault. In cases of severe assault, you could need hospitalization and serious medical care. Although sexual assault cases might not be as focused on the physical care you need, we can also help you seek compensation for mental health care related to the incident, such as compensation for counseling.

Lost Wages

If you suffered injuries or mental effects from the assault or sexual assault that keep you from being able to go to work, our lawyers will fight for compensation for lost wages. These lost wage damages could be for a limited period of time while you recover from the injuries, or they could include damages for lost earning capacity if you cannot return to work for a prolonged period.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries and the effects of sexual assault can be quite painful and cause intense mental and emotional distress. These damages are not easily shown to someone else, as the pain and suffering each person faces is personal to them. However, your testimony about the assault and how it affected your life can help prove your damages to the court.

Punitive Damages

The court can also award additional damages to punish Uber and Lyft or the individual driver for the harm they caused you. Uber and Lyft are supposed to screen their drivers and provide a safe environment for riders, and failing to do so should be punished. This can mean additional payments for you.

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