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What Types of Vehicle Accidents Should Be Reported in Maryland?

While only certain types of vehicle accidents must be reported in Maryland, victims should report all crashes to the necessary parties. To ensure you properly report your recent collision, you should consult an experienced attorney after an accident in Maryland.

In Maryland, only car accidents that result in injury or death must be reported to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) within 15 days. That said, it is always wise to report any car accident regardless of initial severity. In addition to the MVA, Maryland victims should inform a negligent driver’s liability insurance, law enforcement officials, and medical professionals of an auto accident and their injuries. If victims call the police after a crash, officers can inform the MVA of an accident. Properly reporting an accident is necessary to avoid penalties for non-compliance and ensure you have a strong compensation claim against a negligent Maryland driver.

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When Do You Have to Report a Vehicle Accident in Maryland?

Certain types of car accidents require reporting in Maryland. While many states require all involved parties to report vehicle accidents involving bodily injury, death, and property damage of varying amounts, Maryland only requires reporting for death and injury.

According to Md. Code, Trans. Art., § 20-107(a), any party involved in a car accident that results in bodily injury or death must report the collision to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration. The statute doesn’t specify which injuries must be reported. If you are at all injured after a crash, you must report an auto accident to the MVA.

Any accident resulting in death is also reportable. While many other states require accident reporting for incidents resulting in certain amounts of property damage, Maryland does not.

All involved parties must inform the MVA of a reportable accident within 15 days of a crash. If you call the police and officers complete a crash report, you will not have to report your collision to the MVA yourself, according to Md. Code, Trans. Art., § 20-107(f)(1). If you are unsure whether or not your recent collision requires reporting, turn to an Aberdeen car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can assess your accident and determine whether it needs to be reported under Maryland law.

Just because Maryland only mandates that certain accidents be reported, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report collisions that don’t meet Maryland’s specific criteria. In fact, victims should report any type of vehicle accident, in case they later notice property damage or injuries that require compensation.

Who Should You Report a Maryland Auto Accident To?

In addition to the Motor Vehicle Administration, several other parties should be informed of a collision in Maryland. That includes insurance companies, police officers, and medical professionals. Properly reporting and documenting a vehicle accident can be challenging so victims can turn to a skilled Rockville car accident lawyer for help.

Insurance Companies

After a vehicle accident in Maryland, all involved parties should inform the necessary insurance companies. An experienced Maryland car accident lawyer can help you notify a negligent driver’s liability insurance of a collision and your injuries as soon as possible after a crash.

Law Enforcement Officials

Reporting an auto accident to law enforcement officials in Maryland is crucial. Police officers can create a crash report that details an accident’s events and notes an at-fault party’s negligence. While crash reports generally aren’t considered evidence in Maryland car accident lawsuits, they can still be helpful to your attorney while building a case. Informing the police ensures further documentation of your accident, so be sure to report a Maryland crash to law enforcement officials.

Medical Professionals

While Maryland law does not require car accident victims to visit the hospital after a crash, doing so is vital. Reporting your injuries to medical professionals creates crucial documentation of your damages and their likely cause. Waiting to visit the hospital can make your injuries appear insignificant or without the need for compensation. So, regardless of the initial severity of your injuries, go to the hospital after a vehicle accident in Maryland. By reporting their injuries to medical professionals, victims can further document a collision and their damages.

An Attorney

After a vehicle accident in Maryland, report your injuries to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you fulfill any reporting requirements you may have to the necessary agencies and can help you recover compensation against an at-fault driver. Acting quickly and enlisting help from a lawyer immediately after a crash is crucial. When victims wait, they might jeopardize their access to compensation.

Why Should You Report a Vehicle Accident in Maryland?

Reporting a car accident in Maryland is important. Doing so is necessary to comply with the state’s auto accident reporting requirements and strengthen your compensation claim against a negligent driver. If you have difficulty properly reporting your injuries after a vehicle accident in Maryland, ask an experienced lawyer for help.


Maryland imposes consequences for non-compliance with vehicle accident reporting requirements. Any person that’s required to report a crash but doesn’t may face consequences in Maryland. According to Md. Code, Trans. Art., § 20-109, failure to report an accident when mandated may result in suspension or revocation of a person’s license by the MVA. The Motor Vehicle Association can also suspend or revoke the vehicle registration of a person that fails to report an accident. These consequences apply to negligent drivers and victims who do not inform the MVA of a reportable vehicle accident in Maryland.


In order for Maryland auto accident victims to recover the compensation they deserve, they must report an accident. Failure to inform the MVA, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and medical professionals can weaken a victim’s compensation claim. When they report accidents and injuries, victims create documentation. Much of this documentation can be used as evidence in a lawsuit against a negligent driver. Reports can lead your attorney to eyewitness statements, security camera footage, medical records, photographs, and other crucial information that may be invaluable to your claim.

Fail to report a vehicle accident in Maryland, and connecting your damages to a negligent party’s actions may become very challenging. That is why our Ocean City car accident lawyers urge victims to properly report their injuries as soon as possible after a crash.

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