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Companies like Uber, Lyft, and others have largely replaced taxi cabs as the go-to method of quick automotive transportation without the need to drive where you are going yourself. Unfortunately, Uber drivers get into motor vehicle accidents just like anyone else, and passengers of these vehicles can receive serious injuries as a result.

Fortunately, we can help you. We have the legal experience necessary to navigate the rideshare accident lawsuit landscape, and we will fight hard to get you the financial compensation you deserve after an accident involving a rideshare vehicle.

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Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents in Woodlawn, MD

Uber and Lyft accidents happen for the same reasons as ordinary motor vehicle accidents. If a rideshare driver speeds, drives drunk, or otherwise ignores traffic laws, they can easily get in an accident. However, there are some kinds of accidents that Uber and Lyft drivers may be more prone to getting into.

Uber and Lyft drivers are paid based on how many people they get to their destination. More rides mean a greater income for that shift. Accordingly, there is an incentive to get passengers where they are going as fast as possible in order to fit in more rides. Moreover, passengers who get where they need to go faster are more likely to tip. This pressure can make a rideshare driver choose to speed or drive recklessly in an attempt to get where they are going sooner, and that kind of behavior can lead to an accident.

Another serious concern for rideshare drivers is distracted driving. Uber and Lyft drivers have a lot going on inside their vehicles. Many rely on using a GPS on their phone to figure out where they are going. Accordingly, they may get fixated on their device in an attempt to stay on course. Additionally, an Uber or Lyft driver may be tempted to text or take phone calls when they really should be focusing on driving, and an accident could result.

Can I Sue Uber or Lyft for My Injuries in Woodlawn, MD?

When you are involved in a rideshare accident, you may want to file a claim against the company your driver was working for. Unfortunately, this is almost always impossible. The law lets plaintiffs hold employers liable for the bad conduct of their employees. However, it is important to remember that drivers for Uber or Lyft are independent contractors, not employees, so you are not able to hold Uber or Lyft liable for a driver’s conduct.

However, that should not dissuade you from filing a claim. You can still file against the driver who wronged you, as well as the driver’s insurance company.

Insurance in Woodlawn, MD Uber & Lyft Accidents Explained

When you are involved in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver, our lawyers will very likely have to deal with the driver’s insurance company in some sort of way. Insurance for drivers who work for a rideshare service can be more complicated to understand than insurance policies for ordinary drivers. For that reason, our Uber accident lawyers have created a brief primer on how “rideshare insurance” works and why that is relevant to your claim.

Ordinary Driver’s Insurance

All drivers who work for Uber, Lyft, or another service need to have a regular automotive insurance policy. This is required by law. However, this policy will not cover the driver when they are working. Personal driver’s policies do not cover accidents that happen while the policyholder is using their vehicle for work.

Commercial Driver’s Insurance

Uber drivers are supposed to have commercial driver’s insurance on their policies. This is not a type of insurance that is unique to rideshare drivers. For example, people who work for pizza places and deliver food also are supposed to have this type of insurance policy.

One downside of commercial driver’s insurance is that it is very expensive. For that reason, some rideshare drivers may not have commercial driver’s insurance.

Rideshare Insurance

Instead of commercial driver’s insurance, many drivers who work for Uber or Lyft opt for rideshare insurance. This is a special kind of insurance policy that is cheaper than commercial driver’s insurance. It is designed specifically to cover drivers when they are online and working for companies like Uber or Lyft. Both companies require their drivers to have either rideshare insurance or commercial driver’s insurance.

Contingent Collision Coverage

In addition to rideshare insurance, both Uber and Lyft offer something called contingent collision coverage. This is supplemental coverage that each company provides in the event of an accident. Contingent collision coverage kicks in when a driver’s rideshare or commercial driver’s insurance runs dry, but more coverage is still needed. Uber and Lyft each provide up to $50,000 in extra coverage when a driver is online but there are no passengers in the car.

Primary Coverage

Finally, uber provides up to $1 million in coverage when a passenger is in the vehicle or the driver is on the way to pick up their passenger at the time of the accident. This coverage should take priority before other policies.

What if My Rideshare Driver is Uninsured?

Prospective plaintiffs may be worried if the driver involved in their accident will have enough insurance to cover any potential damages – or, indeed, if the driver is insured at all. In those cases, the driver will have to pay out of pocket, and you should not be dissuaded from filing a lawsuit if you suspect a driver is not insured.

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