Woodlawn Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Being struck by a moving vehicle is one of the most dangerous kinds of auto accidents. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to injuries, and a lawyer can help get justice.

A pedestrian crash might occur anywhere that people on foot are near traffic or moving vehicles. Intersections, parking lots, garages, and even sidewalks are common places for collisions. We can work to collect evidence from around the scene of the accident. Witness testimony, security camera videos, and medical records may be important pieces of your case. We also need to evaluate your damages. We should assess the financial costs of your injuries and the mental or emotional toll of the crash. Our attorneys can help you prepare your initial complaint, hint for evidence, and develop the most effective legal strategies for your case.

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Where Pedestrian Accidents Are Known to Happen Around Woodlawn

One of the most frightening aspects of pedestrian accidents is that they tend to come out of nowhere, at least from the pedestrian’s perspective. Many victims remember walking down the sidewalk, across the road, or through a parking garage when suddenly they are hit by something heavy, huge, and fast. These kinds of crashes might happen nearly anywhere there is foot traffic and vehicle traffic in close proximity, but certain locations tend to be hotspots for pedestrian accidents.

Intersections are a big part of pedestrian crashes. When pedestrians cross the street, they put themselves in an inherently dangerous situation. They rely on drivers to be aware and alert. Unfortunately, many drivers are not paying attention to the road and do not notice when pedestrians enter the intersection. Other times, they are speeding so fast that they cannot stop to avoid a collision, even if they do see people in the intersection.

Garages and parking lots might not spring to mind when thinking about potential pedestrian accidents, but they should. These places are not only full of vehicles coming in and out. But they also have many people walking to and from their vehicles. This combination of pedestrians and cars in crowded lots is a recipe for disaster.

Pedestrian accidents on sidewalks often take people by surprise because vehicles are usually prohibited from being on sidewalks. Ideally, pedestrians should not be in danger. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. A pedestrian accident might happen on a sidewalk when a driver loses control of their vehicle and swerves off the road. Alcohol sometimes plays a role in these types of collisions.

Evidence We Can Use to Build a Case Against the Driver Who Caused Your Pedestrian Accident in Woodlawn

One of the most important elements of your case is evidence. Our pedestrian accident attorneys must look for evidence as quickly as possible, as it tends to disappear over time. Pedestrians are often not in a good position to document the scene on their own because they are often badly hurt. Our team can help you find other useful evidence.

Security camera footage might be a huge part of our evidence. If a business or house near the accident scene has security cameras, there might be video footage of the accident. Such footage might shed a lot of light on how the crash happened and how the defendant is responsible. We must move quickly, as security camera footage is often deleted.

Witnesses can also help us tell a complete story of how your pedestrian accident occurred. If you were injured in a busy area with lots of other pedestrians, we can find people who saw the crash and get them to testify. The more people who can support your story, the stronger your case.

We might also need to introduce your medical records as evidence of your injuries. This is sometimes necessary when plaintiffs recover from their injuries before the trial date. When juries see a healthy plaintiff sitting before them, they might doubt your injuries. Your medical records may provide solid evidence of just how badly you were hurt, even if you were lucky enough to fully recover.

Evaluating the Damages Available in Your Woodlawn Pedestrian Accident Case

Pedestrian accidents tend to lead to big injuries for pedestrians, while negligent drivers often have minimal injuries and damage. Pedestrians are no match for a speeding vehicle, so it is no wonder that any pedestrians experience significant physical injuries and high medical costs.

First, we should assess all the medical bills you have incurred so far. Next, we can estimate the cost of future medical care if you need it. This might be important if you experience serious medical complications or require long-term care.

Your injuries might interfere with various aspects of your life. If you cannot return to work, you might lose substantial income, making it even harder to keep up with medical bills and other living expenses. We can estimate how much income you have lost and add it to your overall damages.

While monetary costs are important, we must also account for injuries unrelated to money. Your subjective personal experiences should be assessed. For example, if you feel deeply traumatized from the crash or have difficulty emotionally coping with your injuries, you can claim damages for pain and suffering.

What Our Legal Team Can Do to Help Your Woodlawn Pedestrian Accident Claims

Our legal can help you prepare your initial complaint. This is an important legal document that initiates your lawsuit against the negligent driver who hit you. The complaint must contain specific information about you, the defendant, the accident, and your injuries. We also need to include some evidence to support your claims. While we do not need to show enough evidence to win the case, we must show there is enough to warrant a trial.

Our team can assist you in searching for important evidence. Evidence is one of the trickiest parts of a lawsuit. It might be readily available or extremely hard to find. Even if we find evidence, it might not meet the rigorous evidentiary standards necessary to be admissible. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to find evidence to support your case.

Finally, our team can work to navigate the complex procedures needed to get your case to court. The judicial system is known for being complicated, and many cases fall flat because plaintiffs do not know how to navigate legal procedures. An attorney can help you try your case quickly and efficiently.

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