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In the aftermath of a bus accident, victims can strengthen their chances of making full financial recoveries by intentionally documenting a scene in Alpharetta.

If a bus accident happens and injures you in Alpharetta, make your safety your priority. Try to move away from the road and wait for police officers to arrive. If possible, talk to eyewitnesses and ask for their contact details. Try to preserve evidence left from the crash by photographing it, and then give those pictures to our lawyers. As we prepare your case, we will interview eyewitnesses, gather additional evidence, and organize your medical records. We will also track your economic and non-economic damages as you incur them so we know your total losses before entering settlement negotiations. We can then reference our calculations during discussions to better evaluate settlement offers in Alpharetta.

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What to Do When Bus Accidents Happen in Alpharetta, GA

When a bus accident happens in Alpharetta, the first thing you should do is get to safety. Then, call for help, speak to eyewitnesses, and gather information from the scene. Our lawyers can then start preparing your bus accident claim, track your damages, and prepare for the possibility of a trial.

Get to Safety

The fallout from a bus accident may be catastrophic. Windows and windshields might shatter, and doors might get crushed. The scene itself could be dangerous because of all the resulting debris, so get to a safe area away from the road if possible. If you are trapped in the bus or another vehicle, wait for emergency medical services to come and remove you. Otherwise, you might unintentionally worsen your injuries.

Call for Help

Always call 911, whether you are hurt as a driver or passenger. Law enforcement and paramedics should be sent to the scene, and they can help with processing the site and providing emergency medical treatment. You should report any bus accident involving a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) bus or a private charter bus. Even though several parties and victims might be involved in the accident, do not expect anyone else to call the police. If your injuries are too serious to dial 911 yourself, ask someone else, like an eyewitness, to call for help, but do not assume they will.

Speak to Witnesses

Talk to eyewitnesses, too. Victims should not review a crash in detail with witnesses but ask them if they saw what happened. Our bus accident lawyers will aim to contact eyewitnesses as soon as possible to interview them and record their statements. Testimony from eyewitnesses is compelling evidence in motor vehicle accident lawsuits, so do not overlook this step.

Gather Information

Get the bus driver’s information and their employer’s information. Bus accidents might involve multiple cars, so get the details of any other driver involved in the accident. If you cannot talk to involved parties because you are too severely injured, police officers can assist and record the necessary information in the accident report. We can then help you obtain this report from the Alpharetta Police Department and use it as a reference when preparing your case.

Preserve Evidence

Do your best to preserve evidence from the crash site by photographing it. Photographic evidence of your immediate injuries, as well as property damage to the bus and any other involved vehicles, can help show the seriousness of the accident.

Preserving physical evidence at the scene is crucial, as accident reconstruction experts may need to refer to images to iron out certain details, like the point of impact and the speed of travel for involved vehicles.

Organize Medical Records

When you get medical care from paramedics at the scene and go to the emergency room, you generate medical records of your injuries. Our lawyers can help you compile and organize medical records detailing any surgeries or treatments you have received. This will include records pertaining to diagnostic testing, physical therapy, prescription medications, or other specialized treatments.

If you sustained injuries that require long-term treatment, make sure you continue your care with medical professionals. This will continue to generate medical records we can introduce as evidence in your lawsuit. Pausing your medical care for any reason whatsoever could harm your case, so avoid this by following your treatment plan.

Track Your Damages

As we prepare your case, we will also track all your damages from the bus accident. Often, the bulk of victims’ damages come from medical damages, especially in bus accidents where there is a high risk of serious injury, like head injuries, spinal injuries, and disfiguring injuries. In addition to tracking your losses from medical treatment, we will also calculate missed income due to the accident.

Furthermore, we will assess your non-economic damages based on various factors, like the seriousness of your injuries and your anticipated recovery time. Do not underestimate your pain and suffering, as you could be entitled to considerable non-economic damages.

Plan for Settlement Negotiations

If your claim is against MARTA or a negligent passenger car driver, planning for settlement negotiations is important. If victims do not fully appreciate their losses from an accident, they might end up accepting unfair offers. Our attorneys can prepare for settlement negotiations by tallying your damages beforehand. We can also use compelling evidence as leverage during negotiations, demonstrating your case’s strength and its high chances of success at a potential trial.

Do not feel pressured to accept a settlement offer that you feel is unfair. Our lawyers can help you evaluate settlements and identify when it is time to move forward with a trial in Alpharetta.

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