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For the best chances of success in a motorcycle accident lawsuit, our lawyers can begin preparing your compensation case right away in Alpharetta.

Preparing motorcycle accident claims starts with gathering evidence. We will pool information from accident reports, analyze photos and surveillance footage, interview eyewitnesses, and organize victims’ medical records during this time. When confident in your case, our lawyers can file a complaint with the court, identifying the defendant, explaining the accident, and requesting compensation. During upcoming settlement discussions with the negligent driver, our lawyers can negotiate a higher settlement by leveraging compelling evidence against the defendant. Calculating your total losses before settling is important so you do not accept an unfair offer that leaves you uncompensated in Alpharetta.

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Preparing Your Motorcycle Injury Case in Alpharetta, GA

You should prioritize preparing your motorcycle injury case as soon as possible in Alpharetta, and our lawyers can help. We can start by gathering and organizing evidence, interviewing eyewitnesses, enlisting experts, and reviewing the evidence to anticipate the negligent driver’s possible defense to liability.

Gathering Evidence

Victims can gather vital evidence at the scene by calling the police for motorcycle accidents. Police officers will interview everyone involved and make note of specific details, like the point of impact, location, and time. Tell officers what you remember and if you are hurt.

Try to take pictures of the crash site. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can use those images to determine the accident’s sequence of events. We can also use pictures to show your immediate injuries and the damage to your motorcycle.

In addition to getting the police report and reviewing accident photos, we will need your medical records. Medical records can outline a victim’s treatment exactly, clearly showing when they sustained injuries, their diagnoses, and what medications, therapies, surgeries, or other care they need. Victims can begin a medical record detailing their injuries by going to the emergency room from the accident site. Our lawyers can then help you obtain and organize medical records to use as evidence in your lawsuit. Be sure to continue your care, as having any significant gaps in your treatment could cause issues in your case.

Getting Witness Statements

On top of getting incident reports and other records or documentation related to the accident, our attorneys will identify and interview witnesses immediately. Eyewitnesses could forget an accident’s details as time passes, which is why obtaining their details right away is crucial. Victims should talk to eyewitnesses and ask for their contact details if possible. Otherwise, we may get this information from the crash report.

Accident reconstruction and testimony from experts can clarify more complicated aspects of a claim, such as how fast the negligent driver was operating their vehicle at the time of the accident and the exact first harmful event.

Anticipating a Comparative Fault Defense

Comparative fault becomes an issue in claims where a defendant argues a victim contributed to an accident. In Georgia, sharing fault for an accident could reduce a victim’s total compensation. When unprepared for such a defense, victims might not have sufficient evidence to undermine comparative fault arguments, leaving them with less compensation than they deserve.

Since motorcyclists often unfairly face this hurdle, our lawyers can anticipate a defendant’s use of a comparative fault defense and prepare your claim accordingly. In such cases, eyewitness testimony can go a long way in confirming that a victim did not contribute to an accident in Alpharetta. The same can be said of surveillance footage, which is why our lawyers will contact nearby homeowners and business owners with possible security footage of the accident.

Filing Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Alpharetta, GA

After preparing your case, our lawyers will officially file a complaint with the court, initiating your lawsuit in Alpharetta.

The complaint must contain specific information about the defendant, the accident, and your desired damages. We will outline how the accident happened, what the defendant did to breach their duty of care, and your exact economic and non-economic damages due to the accident.

After the complaint is filed, the defendant gets notified of the lawsuit. After that point, they might want to negotiate a settlement immediately.

The most important thing is that you file the complaint on time. According to O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, the deadline to sue for motorcycle accidents and injuries in Alpharetta is two years.

Evaluating Motorcycle Injury Settlement Offers in Alpharetta, GA

When settling motorcycle accident cases out of court, victims must fully appreciate their damages. We will calculate your damages beforehand so you know your deserved recovery before ever discussing a settlement.

When preparing your claim, our attorneys will carefully monitor your losses from the accident, like losses from medical treatments, missed income, and other damages. We will also consider your emotional pain and suffering from the accident and include those calculations in our total estimation of damages.

Then, when entering into settlement negotiations, we will not only request compensation for all losses but will have proof of damages to support that request. Based on the defendant’s offers and their willingness to negotiate, you may be able to avoid court and fairly settle your case without a trial in Alpharetta.

Victims should not accept settlement offers too hastily, however. The first several offers defendants give are often low, rarely reflecting victims’ true losses. Furthermore, many defendants are hesitant to compensate for pain and suffering despite victims deserving those damages. By preparing your case to meet the standard of proof, our lawyers may have sufficient evidence to leverage against the defendant during settlement discussions, convincing them to give you a much better settlement.

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