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When injured by negligent truck drivers in Alpharetta, victims can pursue compensation against any and all liable parties.

We can help victims determine fault for truck accidents by reviewing the physical evidence from the scene and interviewing eyewitnesses. In particularly complicated cases, accident reconstruction experts can assess photos from the crash site to determine its cause. We can also assess whether the truck driver’s employer shares liability for the accident and, if so, include them in your compensation claim. To prove fault in that claim, you will need evidence, namely medical evidence proving your injuries. To ensure you have sufficient medical evidence, accept care from paramedics at the crash site, go directly from the accident location to the emergency room, and continue your care as necessary in the following weeks and months.

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Determining Fault for Truck Accidents in Alpharetta, GA

When an accident happens, even if it seems cut and dry, investigating it further might lead to new information that indicates that another party shares liability for a victim’s injuries.

Review Physical Evidence

To determine fault for a truck accident, our lawyers will review the available physical evidence from the scene and the accident report from law enforcement. We will ask you questions about the crash, including questions about your actions, to gauge the likelihood of the defendant using a comparative fault defense should your case go to trial. If you have any photos from the crash site, give them to our truck accident lawyers at this time. Tell us everything you can recall about the accident, as any minor detail might indicate liability.

Interview Eyewitnesses

We may also interview eyewitnesses, as their recollections and statements are admissible evidence in truck accident and injury claims in Alpharetta. It is important to interview eyewitnesses immediately after an incident, so ask for their contact information at the scene. The longer it takes to interview eyewitnesses, the more likely they are to forget what they saw. If you tell them our attorneys will contact them, they may appreciate the significance of the situation and commit the accident to memory to the best of their ability.

Accident Reconstruction

Depending on the case, we may enlist an accident reconstruction expert to determine the exact cause of the accident. Accident reconstruction can aid all auto injury cases in Alpharetta, especially where liability is somewhat unclear initially. An accident reconstruction expert can review physical and photographic evidence from the scene to determine the original impact point, the speed at which both vehicles were traveling, and other pertinent details that point to liability.

Check Employer Liability

In commercial truck accidents, the driver’s employer may share liability. Our lawyers can investigate this possibility, as filing a claim against the truck company might result in greater damages in Alpharetta. We can check employer liability by assessing the driver’s status as a regular employee or independent contractor and carefully reviewing the accident’s details.

How to Build Medical Evidence of Truck Accident Injuries in Alpharetta, GA

Building medical evidence is one of the most important things you can do following a truck crash in Alpharetta. Start by accepting medical care offered at the scene, then go directly to the emergency room. If necessary, continue your treatment in the weeks and months following the accident to ensure your medical record is complete.

Accept Care at the Scene

When you call 911 to report the accident, ask them to send emergency medical services. Do not deny care from paramedics at the scene, as law enforcement officers might note that in their report. Furthermore, if you deny care, the negligent driver might note that themselves and could bring it up if you then file a compensation claim.

When paramedics treat you at the scene, they will record your initial state and note any immediately apparent injuries. Even if you feel physically fine, accept care at the accident site in Alpharetta.

Go to the Emergency Room

Let paramedics take you to the emergency room. Again, if you refuse to go, it could be harder to prove you sustained injuries because of the accident in question. The medical professionals at the emergency room can assess you and diagnose injuries that might not be obviously apparent, like soft tissue or internal injuries. Diagnostic testing is often necessary for truck accident injuries, and doctors might want to run MRI or CT scans to confirm suspected injuries.

Victims with serious injuries might need emergency surgery or other immediate treatment. Always go to the emergency room right after a crash, not your general practitioner’s office. Despite being a medical professional, they may not have the necessary equipment to treat common auto accident injuries, like broken bones, head injuries, or spinal cord injuries.

Do not go directly home after an accident, no matter how minor your injuries seem.

Continue Treatment

Your job is not done after you leave the emergency room. Even minor injuries often require follow-up visits with doctors. If you are referred to specialists, like neurologists or physical therapists, continue your treatment with them. Any gaps in your medical care could raise questions about the severity of your injuries or your need for compensation.

As you get medical treatment, you build medical records confirming your injuries and incur medical damages. These damages are compensable in your claim, and our lawyers will carefully track them throughout your physical recovery.

Serious and permanent truck accident injuries might require life-long care. If you expect to incur future medical damages past the end of your lawsuit, our attorneys may enlist experts to testify to that fact. For example, medical experts can give statements about your likely future care, such as long-term prescription medications or physical therapy treatments, so you get compensation for future medical expenses not yet incurred.

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