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Are you Automatically at Fault in a Left-turn Accident in Maryland?

Turning left is one of the most dangerous maneuvers one can make on a road. Taking a left turn requires a judgment call made in just a few seconds and can lead to unfortunate consequences if made unwisely.

If you drive regularly, you probably hate making left turns. It is easy for a driver to misjudge another driver’s speed, especially in smaller vehicles. Drivers making left turns are the most common form of collision in the state of Maryland.

There are some cases in which determining liability for these types of collisions is not so straightforward. You may need to seek legal help from an Ocean City car accident lawyer to receive the compensation you deserve if you are a victim of a crash involving another driver’s poor judgment when performing a left turn.

According to The Maryland Department of Transportation, left turns are the cause of fifty percent of accidents. It is estimated that about five thousand left-turn crashes will be reported each year in Maryland.

Maryland is an at-fault state, which means that the driver responsible for the collision is also responsible for damages and compensation. The victim of a crash is able to sue the driver at fault for the collision to receive compensation.

Insurance providers determine the driver at fault by reviewing video footage, statements made by witnesses, looking at the police report, or other forms of evidence. Your insurance company will most likely call both drivers to piece together what exactly happened in the collision. 

It is imperative that the driver making a left turn continues with the flow of traffic after turning. If the driver is approaching an intersection, he or she must abide by the traffic signals to ensure safety for themselves and surrounding civilians.

Drivers who plan to turn left in a neighborhood, street, or an intersection with a stop sign must yield the right of way to the driver that is approaching from the other direction. The driver who is performing a left turn at an intersection in Maryland only has the right of way when a green arrow is presented on the traffic light. It is illegal to cut off or stop oncoming traffic to perform a left turn.

They have the right of way, the driver making a left turn does not. In Maryland, drivers who are approaching an intersection to make a left turn must proceed with caution in the far left lane of traffic moving in the same direction. If you were involved in an accident contact an Elktan car accident lawyer today.

The majority of left-turn collisions are caused by the driver trying to turn before the light changes, failing to yield the right of way to a driver, having a poor view of the road while turning, failing to signal before making a left turn, misjudging the speed of an oncoming driver, and misjudging the distance across the intersection. If a driver makes a left turn after the light changes to red, they are at fault for the crash.

Left turns when the light is red are only legal in certain situations including if the driver is turning left from a one-way street to another one-way street. Drivers making a left turn may make a bad call due to the stress of impatient and honking drivers in the rear-view mirror.

Drivers who are also in a rush to get to their destination often make bad calls when performing a left turn, resulting in a collision. Even if you are in a hurry, your safety comes first. Take the time to ensure that there is no oncoming traffic before making a left turn.

Nobody is perfect at judging the speed of oncoming traffic or drivers in the surrounding area. It is important to always look out for the speed limit signs on the road and abide by them. 

Although the driver making a left turn is typically at fault, this driver is not always the one to blame. Typically, the driver making the left turn is the driver at fault, but there are a few instances in which this is not the case: when the driver turning left has a green arrow, when the oncoming driver was speeding, when the traffic light at the intersection is not properly functioning, and when the oncoming driver runs through a stop sign or red light.

Texting and driving is another factor that contributes to thousands of collisions each year in Maryland. Drivers who are texting and driving may be unaware of speed limit changes, which can result in a crash if an oncoming driver is crossing lanes while making a left turn.

Drivers who are found texting and driving may be liable for the collision, but typically, the liability comes down to the right of way. If the driver going straight is found to be intoxicated, partial liability for the accident can be placed on them. 

It is important to know the traffic laws if you or a loved one is involved in a collision due to a driver making a left turn. This way, determining the driver at fault at the scene of the crash will accelerate the process of receiving compensation.

Along with oncoming traffic, it is also important to look out for pedestrians or cyclists before making a left turn. If there is a crosswalk, the pedestrian or cyclist should have the right of way before you make a left turn. 

If you are involved in a left-turn crash, it is important to take pictures of the scene and damages if capable and call 911. Determining the driver at fault in the case of a left turn collision can be difficult.

If you or a loved one was involved in a collision due to a driver making a poor judgment regarding a left turn, call the Baltimore car accident attorneys at Rice, Murtha, and Psoras Trial Lawyers today to receive the compensation you deserve.