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Attorneys for Patients of Dr. Nikita Levy of Johns Hopkins Medicine

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If you were a patient of Dr. Nikita Levy of Johns Hopkins Medicine, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  Johns Hopkins was alerted on February 4, 2013, but an employee that one of their doctors was videotaping and photographing patients.
Click here to read the Statement from Johns Hopkins Medicine regarding the news of Dr. Nikita Levy.

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On February 18, 2013, Johns Hopkins Medicine released a statement indicating that they had been alerted by an employee on February 4, 2013 that one of their obstetrician/gynecologist’s, Dr. Nikita Levy, was using video and photographic instruments to record patients.  On February 5, 2013, Johns Hopkins Medicine took action to prohibit Dr. Nikita Levy from any further contact with patients.
Dr. Nikita was fired from Johns Hopkins Medicine on February 8, 2013.  The Baltimore City Police Department was informed of the investigation by Johns Hopkins Medicine and began their own investigation.
Patients of Dr. Nikita Levy were sent notice by mail advising of the investigation.
On February 18, 2013, Dr. Nikita Levy was found dead in his Towson, Maryland home.
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Baltimore City Police have established a hotline, anyone with information for the investigation, at 410-396-2269. Hopkins officials set up their own call center at 855-546-3785.

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