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Motorcycle crashes can be extremely dangerous for all parties involved. Motorcyclists are much less protected than people in cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles, so they are often very badly injured. Worse still, the cost of medical care can quickly balloon and reach exorbitant amounts, creating greater hardship for motorcycle accident victims.

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Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes in Belcamp, MD

Because motorcyclists are much less protected than people in cars, even when wearing full safety gear, they often suffer serious injuries in motorcycle crashes. Explaining your injuries to our motorcycle accident lawyers is an important step in building your case because it helps inform what we request in damages when you file your lawsuit. Injuries plaintiffs suffer in motorcycle accidents include:

Broken Bones

Bones are prone to fracture and snap in motorcycle crashes. Nearly all fractures will require casts or slings to heal, and more serious compound fractures may require surgical procedures to set the bones back in place.


Bruising occurs when blood vessels are crushed under the skin and blood pools in the affected area – resulting in the characteristic black/blue/red bruise color. While bruising in and of itself is nothing to be concerned about, severe bruising over a large area, especially the chest or head, can be indicative of very serious medical conditions that need immediate care.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are caused by hard hits to the head that damage the brain. The most common TBI is the “mild” TBI, or concussion. Still, this can have nasty consequences like memory loss or migraines. More severe TBIs can lead to loss of basic functions like speaking, paralysis, or even death.

Cuts and Puncture Wounds

Getting cut up or “stabbed” is probably not the first thing people think of in motorcycle crashes, but you can easily get injured by broken glass or warped metal. Cuts will require stitching to heal and may result in permanent disfigurement while puncturing wounds can be incredibly dangerous if not properly treated.

What Compensation Can I Get after a Belcamp, MD Motorcycle Crash?

When you ask the court for damages, they have to be based on things that happened to you. You will also have to prove that you are entitled to damages through evidence and legal argument. When our attorneys file your claim, we will explain why you are asking for a particular amount of damages. Some of the things that you damages may be based on include:

Medical Expenses

Almost every plaintiff in a motorcycle accident lawsuit will have incurred some form of medical expense. Surgery, long-term physical therapy, hospital stays, and other forms of treatment are very expensive, so you can get compensated for the cost of that treatment by the defendant. Probably the most common way to prove medical expenses is through admitting hospital bills into evidence, but there are other things that can prove medical treatment, like testimony from a medical professional.

Lost Wages

You can also get financial compensation for missed opportunities to earn income. This can take a couple of different forms. First, if you had to take time away from work to recover from your injuries and were not getting paid during that time, you can get damages based on what you would have earned during that time had you not been injured. Second, if you have to switch to a less lucrative job because of your injuries, you can get financial compensation based on the difference in pay between those jobs. Finally, if you are so injured that you can no longer work, you can get damages based on predictions about what you would have earned for the remainder of your career had you not been injured. Like with medical expenses, you can prove damages for lost wages through records like paychecks.

Property Damage

If your bike got totaled or needed extensive repairs, you can have the defendant foot the bill through damages. An example of evidence that could support a claim for bike repairs would be an invoice from the mechanic who worked on your vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

In addition to things that you can prove through tangible evidence, you can also get financial compensation for things that are not as immediately demonstratable to the jury. For example, you can get damages for the pain and suffering you experienced because of your injuries. Of course, there is not going to be a bill for something like “pain,” but you can demonstrate that you are entitled to these damages in other ways. For example, if you have lost range of motion in your arms and it affects your life, you can show the court your limited range of motion and then testify as to how it has affected you.

Mental Anguish

Not all injuries in a motorcycle crash are physical. That is why courts let plaintiffs get compensation for mental anguish. For example, if you have recurring nightmares or panic attacks about motorcycle crashes after the accident, you can get financial compensation for that.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, you may be able to get what are called “punitive damages.” Courts only award these damages when defendants have acted especially badly, so it is best to discuss your claim with our attorneys to figure out if requesting punitive damages is right for your claim.

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