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It is incredibly hard to lose someone close to us. Still, it is a natural part of our lives. Unfortunately, some losses are the result of others’ negligent behavior. Our attorneys can help you get justice for your family’s grievous loss.

If you recently lost a loved one under suspicious circumstances, contact an attorney. If someone’s wrongful actions directly caused your loved one’s passing, we can help you sue them for wrongful death. Damages are often very high in cases like this. Considering the magnitude of your loss, it should be no surprise that substantial compensation is on the line. You may claim financial losses related to the passing of your family member and damages for the anguish and trauma you have endured. Only certain family members are permitted to bring claims for wrongful death. If you are unrelated by blood or marriage, you might be unable to take legal action. To back up your claims, we need any evidence we can get our hands on that helps us establish the cause of death and connects the defendant to it.

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Determining Whether You Have a Wrongful Death Claim on Your Hands in Belcamp

Every death feels wrongful, which can make it difficult for grieving families to determine whether they actually have a valid legal claim. Your best bet is to speak to our wrongful death attorneys about your loved one’s passing. Your lawyer can assist you if you have a legal claim for damages.

Under Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 3-902, you may sue someone whose “wrongful actions” cause another person’s death. The next question is, what is a wrongful action?

Under § 3-901(e), a wrongful act is defined as an action, failure, or neglect that would entitle an injured person to maintain an action for damages if death had not occurred. While criminal actions such as violence may constitute a wrongful act, not all wrongful acts are crimes. As such, a civil lawsuit might be your family’s only option for legal justice.

Damages You May Claim in a Belcamp Wrongful Death Case

Damages in wrongful death cases are known for being substantial. Money is often the only way courts can remedy the wrongs inflicted on plaintiffs. In a wrongful death case, no sum of money might feel like enough, and juries often award very large damages awards. Under Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 3-904(d), plaintiffs may claim “pecuniary” losses related to their loved one’s death in addition to various non-economic injuries.

Pecuniary losses involve specific sums of money. For example, if your family member was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment before they succumbed to their injuries, you may claim the medical bills as part of your damages. Our legal team can also help you claim loss of economic support from the deceased family member. This is incredibly important if they were the one earning money for your household.

Non-economic damages tend to be significant in wrongful death cases. You may claim damages for painful experiences such as mental anguish and emotional distress. If your spouse passed away, you may claim the loss of society, consortium, and companionship. If you lost a parent, you might claim lost parental guidance, care, and advice.

Statutory caps on non-economic damages are explained under § 11-108(b). Under the law, non-economic damages may be capped at $935,000, as of the writing of this article. The cap goes up to $950,000 on Oct 1, 2024 and increases by $15,000 every Oct 1. In claims for wrongful death with at least two claimants or beneficiaries, non-economic damages may exceed this limit by no more than 150%.

People Eligible to Bring Cases for Wrongful Death in Belcamp

Only certain people may be permitted to bring wrongful death claims. Generally, only immediate family members can file such claims. According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § § 3-904(a)-(b), surviving spouses, children, and parents may file wrongful death claims. If these eligible family members do not exist, other relatives may file the claim. If you lost a close friend but are not related, you should speak to an attorney about other possible legal options.

Some people who pass away under wrongful circumstances have no immediate family. Their parents might be gone, and they might have been unmarried with no children. This does not mean that a wrongful death claim is completely off the table. If no eligible family members exist, anyone related by marriage or blood and substantially dependent upon the deceased person may file the claim.

This might include other relatives, like cousins, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles, or grandparents. The key is establishing that you were “substantially dependent” on the deceased person. For example, maybe you were living with your aunt or uncle while attending school when they passed away, and you relied on their support. You might be eligible to file a wrongful death claim even if you were not closely related.

What We Need to Prove Your Wrongful Death Claims in Belcamp

Considering just how severe wrongful death claims are and everything that is at stake, courts expect plaintiffs to arrive ready with as much evidence as possible. A wrongful death case involves some very serious allegations, and we need the strongest evidence possible to support your claims.

Medical records will likely play a vital role in your case. We might need your loved one’s records to prove the cause of death, especially if the defendant questions the cause of death as part of their defense strategy. This is especially crucial in cases where the defendant might have lived with numerous medical conditions that might have played a role in their death instead of the defendant’s wrongful actions.

We should also try to find witnesses to the accident or incident who can testify in court. Once we know and establish your loved one’s cause of death, we need more evidence to connect the defendant to the cause of death. Witnesses might be very helpful in this regard. If someone saw the defendant blatantly speed through a red light before colliding with your loved one, we absolutely need their testimony.

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