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Truck accidents, unfortunately, happen every day. These accidents can cause incredibly bad injuries to those involved. This is because, even with modern vehicle safety features, a hit from a commercial truck can easily overpower a privately owned vehicle’s safety system and injure the occupants within. Such injuries are often incredibly expensive to treat, with medical bills easily adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is to say nothing of the additional emotional pain that can be brought on by the injuries and by knowing that someone else’s mistake led to the truck accident.

If you were hurt in a truck accident because someone else was negligent, our lawyers can help you. We have a great deal of experience representing truck accident attorneys, and we are now ready to help you out with your needs. We can prepare a strong argument for you to take to court and get you the compensation you need and deserve after you are injured.

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Injuries From Truck Accidents in Belcamp, MD

Victims of truck accidents are very likely to receive nasty injuries from the experience. This is in part because commercial trucks are so much larger than other vehicles. Even the largest SUVs with the latest safety features might prove insufficient to protect passengers and drivers from the impact forces involved in a truck accident. Additionally, there are other factors that can influence what injuries people get from truck accidents beyond the initial impact.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are very common in truck accidents because of the speed and force of the impact. Arms, legs, and torsos can be broken and crushed when a truck impacts another vehicle.

All kinds of fractures will likely require a cast or sling to immobilize the affected area while it heals. However, more dangerous breaks like compound fractures, where a bone breaks through the skin, may require multiple surgeries in addition to a full cast. Moreover, you will likely need to retrain strength in the affected area since it may have atrophied from lack of use during the healing process.

Cuts/Lacerations and Puncture Wounds

While cuts and puncture wounds may not seem like obvious truck accident injuries, they are not as uncommon as you may think. When a truck hits something, there is a chance that bits of glass or warped metal come off the truck and go flying every which way. These things can tear into victims of truck accidents and cause serious injuries.

Cuts, sometimes called lacerations, can be very dangerous and cause a lot of blood loss. Moreover, a cut to a limb or extreme could cause disfigurement if it removes a smaller appendage like a finger or toe. Disfigurement could also happen if a nasty cut goes across the face. Virtually all deep cuts will require stitching to heal fully, and there is a good chance that they may leave permanent scarring on the victim’s body.

Puncture wounds, often casually called “stab” wounds, are much more dangerous than cuts. Although they may look less nasty from the outside, puncture wounds can cause a great deal of trauma deep inside the body. Penetration of only a few inches in can reach vital organs and put someone in critical condition. Moreover, it is harder to close and shut a puncture wound than a stab wound, so internal bleeding is very likely.


Forceful hits from a truck accident can result in severe bruising on the body. Bruising is caused by broken blood vessels under the skin. The pooling of blood is what causes the black, blue, and dark red discoloration. While a bruise in and of itself may heal on its own, it can be incredibly painful and make it difficult to breathe or move the affected area. More importantly, severe bruising may be indicative of a much more serious condition, such as internal bleeding.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries – or TBIs for short – are caused by hard hits to the head that puncture the skull or otherwise damage the brain. TBIs are very serious injuries. Even mild TBIs – more commonly known as concussions – can have serious side effects, including sensitivity to light and sound, headaches and migraines, and mood swings. More serious traumatic brain injuries pose a risk of permanent memory loss, loss of the use of basic motor functions, the inability to speak, or – in the most extreme cases – an untimely death.


Unfortunately, the severity of injuries people can get in truck accidents means that sometimes, the victim can succumb to their wounds and pass away. In this case, you would be filing what would be called a wrongful death claim. There are special rules for these claims, so you should speak with our truck accident lawyers about this kind of claim if it applies to you.

How Our Belcamp, MD Truck Accident Lawyers Can Assist You

Our lawyers can do a number of different things to assist you with your case. In fact, most of the legal process happens before people go to trial.

Starting off, we can collect evidence from medical centers, eyewitnesses, and adverse parties to help bolster your case. We can then use that evidence to form a strong argument on your behalf.

If opposing counsel wants to settle, we can analyze the offer and determine whether it is a good settlement or not. If you do not want to settle the case, we can fight hard for you in court to get you the financial compensation you deserve and stay with you to the very end of your case.

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