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Motorcycle riders have just as much of a right to be on the road as anyone else. Unfortunately, drivers in other vehicles do not always see it that way. Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous, and drivers in cars are often to blame.

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, contact a lawyer to discuss beginning a lawsuit against the negligent driver. You only have 3 years to get your case into court, and lawsuits are known for taking a while to prepare. We need evidence from the accident to prove the other driver caused the collision. Security camera videos, dashcam footage, witnesses, and your own testimony are just a few key pieces of evidence we might need. Damages may be quite substantial depending on the extent of your injuries. You deserve compensation for property damage, medical costs, pain, suffering, and more. Your attorney can help you prepare the case, navigate tricky legal procedures, and provide legal advice from the beginning of your case to the very end.

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Starting a Motorcycle Accident Case in Camp Springs

You should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible, as you have limited time to file the case. According to the statute of limitations under Md. Code. Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § 5-101, you have only 3 years from the crash date to file your case in court. If you miss the deadline to file, you might never be able to file the case and never receive fair compensation.

While 3 years sounds like more than enough time to meet with a lawyer and prepare your case, the time limit can be surprisingly tight. It often takes months or longer to adequately prepare a case. The sooner you get started with a lawyer, the better.

Your attorney can help you get started by finding useful evidence. Our motorcycle accident attorneys need to include evidence in the initial complaint just to file the case. If we do not have any evidence, your case may be dismissed for insufficient pleadings. We do not need all possible evidence of the motorcycle accident to get started, but we need enough to show your claims are valid.

Next, your lawyer can evaluate your damages. Plaintiffs sometimes fixate on specific damages like their damaged motorcycle and hospital bills while overlooking other damages that might be just as valuable, if not more valuable. For example, people sometimes overlook or underestimate damages for physical pain, psychological trauma, and other painful experiences.

How to Prove the Other Driver Caused Your Motorcycle Accident in Camp Springs

Evidence is what holds a case together. Without enough evidence, your case might quickly fall apart. Where we find evidence may vary from case to case, which is why you should hire an experienced lawyer who knows how to collect valuable evidence.

If your motorcycle accident occurred near homes or businesses, security cameras might be in the area that recorded the collision. We should move quickly to obtain this footage if it exists. Security camera videos may easily be deleted if we move too slowly. Similarly, we can check for dashcam footage. If the defendant or other drivers near the accident had dashcams in their vehicles, there might be video evidence of the collision.

Witness testimony might also be extremely important. In some cases, the only witnesses are the plaintiff and the defendant. In that case, your testimony might be paramount to the success of your claims. In other cases, multiple drivers, passengers, or pedestrians might have seen the accident and can testify in court.

We should also check for photos from the accident scene. After an accident, people often take pictures of the crash scene, including their injuries, vehicles, and people, to send to insurance companies. These photos might also be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit.

Available Damages in Camp Springs Motorcycle Accident Cases

It is crucial that you review your damages with an experienced lawyer. You might have damages you are unaware of or undervalue the damages you are aware of. A lawyer can help you make sure you get all the compensation you rightly deserve and nothing is left out.

First, we should think about the value of your damaged motorcycle. Motorcycles are not toys; they are complicated and expensive motor vehicles. As such, they are not cheap. You might have to pay for costly repairs or an entirely new motorcycle.

Motorcycle accident victims are often badly hurt. They are not shielded inside an enclosed vehicle, making them more susceptible to hurt. As such, medical expenses tend to be very high. Keep track of every time you visit the doctor and hang on to all bills, invoices, and receipts.

If you cannot go back to work for a while after the accident, you might lose a significant amount of income. We can help you claim the income you lose because of the crash.

Not all damages are based on the money you spent or lost because of the crash. Non-economic injuries are rooted in painful experiences that, while very subjective, might significantly affect your daily life. You might claim pain, suffering, mental anguish, humiliation, and more. According to Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § § 11-108(b)(1)-(2), non-economic damages are capped at $935,000.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Camp Springs Motorcycle Accident Case

Your injuries might prevent you from taking swift legal action. Talk to an attorney now instead of waiting for months or even years to recover before initiating legal action. Your attorney can prepare your case while you rest and recover. This maximizes your time to prepare the case while adhering to the statute of limitations.

Your lawyer can also help you navigate legal procedures in your case. Simply getting the case into a courtroom takes effort. The legal channels you need to navigate might feel overwhelmingly complicated, and there are numerous rules about conducting yourself in court. Your lawyer should have the skills and experience to follow these rules and avoid legal mistakes.

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