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There is very little a pedestrian can do to stop a speeding vehicle. If you are hit, your injuries and other damages might be substantial. Talk to our attorney about how to get financial compensation for your injuries.

In many pedestrian accident cases, the drivers are usually the ones deemed responsible for the collision. Drivers are typically required to yield to pedestrians, so drivers are more often legally responsible. If you were recently struck by a vehicle, contact an attorney about taking legal action as soon as possible. You might have only a few years from the accident date to file a claim or risk losing your right to file the claim. Many pedestrian collisions are the result of distracted, intoxicated, or speeding drivers. Remember, pedestrians are very vulnerable and rely on drivers to be alert. Pedestrians often sustain serious injuries, and damages may be high. The defendant should compensate you for things like medical expenses, lost earnings from missing work, physical pain, and trauma.

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Who is Responsible for Pedestrian Accidents in Camp Springs?

In any civil lawsuit, the trier of fact may not decide who is responsible for the plaintiff’s damages until all the evidence has been heard. This is true for pedestrian accident cases. However, it is more common in these types of cases for negligent drivers to be held responsible rather than the pedestrians. Drivers sometimes try to argue that the pedestrian “came out of nowhere,” but the truth is that many drivers are not paying attention or otherwise being negligent.

In many cases, pedestrian collisions occur in places where drivers are required to yield to pedestrians. For example, drivers must often stop for pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks. Even if no traffic light instructs who should stop and who should go, drivers usually have to yield. It is not uncommon for drivers to mistakenly believe that the rule goes the other way, and that pedestrians must make way for vehicles. This mistaken belief is the cause of many pedestrian accidents.

Drivers are frequently determined to be at fault for these kinds of accidents. Meanwhile, pedestrians are less often to blame. Considering it is arguably harder for drivers to prove the pedestrian is to blame, they might be more willing to settle. Our pedestrian accident lawyers might use this to help you leverage a more favorable settlement so you can get compensation faster.

When to Hire a Lawyer for your Camp Springs Pedestrian Accident Case

It is usually a good idea to immediately talk to an attorney about your accident. While taking time to recover and weigh your options is reasonable, you should avoid taking too long. According to the statute of limitations under Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § 5-101, plaintiffs in injury cases have only 3 years to file their cases in court. If we miss the deadline, you might be unable to file your case and lose out on compensation.

The aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be hectic. You might be dealing with insurance companies and defendants who would rather avoid a legal battle. Even if you are unsure about filing a lawsuit, you should still talk to a lawyer. Your attorney can help you navigate the insurance claims process and help you get compensation that way. If insurance is insufficient or unavailable, your lawyer can take your case to the next level and help you file a lawsuit.

How Pedestrian Accidents Often Happen Around Camp Springs

Pedestrian accidents often boil down to driver negligence. Pedestrians often claim they had little time to avoid the oncoming car because everything happened so fast. Drivers usually are not paying attention.

Distracted drivers are a very common cause of pedestrian collisions. Maybe the driver was on their phone texting or making a call. Maybe they were distracted by their GPS or the radio. Maybe they were talking to a passenger and took their eyes off the road for a few moments too long. Distracted drivers often do not notice pedestrians until it is too late.

Another unfortunately common factor in pedestrian accidents is drunk drivers. When a driver is intoxicated, they lack the coordination and reflexes to avoid an accident. They might see a pedestrian but do not react quickly enough to avoid hitting them. They might not even see the pedestrian if they are heavily intoxicated.

Speeding drivers are another common problem. When a car moves way too fast, the driver has less time to hit the brakes. Even if they do hit the brakes, they might not stop in time to avoid hitting someone. For example, a driver might hit someone in a crosswalk because they were speeding and could not stop.

Damages You Might Recover in Your Camp Springs Pedestrian Accident Claim

Considering how easily a pedestrian can be injured by a speeding car, it should come as no that damages may be quite high. Talk to a lawyer about your injuries, costs, and personal experiences from the accident. There is a chance your claims are worth far more than you think.

A major economic concern among plaintiffs is medical expenses. Your injuries likely required emergency medical attention. If they were severe, you might have needed more extensive treatment that might still be ongoing. In many cases, hospital bills are off the charts.

Do not forget about the income you miss out on because you cannot return to work. Due to your bodily injuries, you likely need to take some time off from your job. This might be a few weeks, months, or an indefinite leave of absence. Some people have to quit their jobs because they can never return to full-time work. We can help you claim the earnings and income you lose.

Some injuries are based on painful experiences rather than money and costs. You might claim damages for humiliation if you were hit by a car in a public setting. You can claim your pain from your injuries, mental anguish, and psychological trauma, too. While these damages are very subjective, they might also be substantial and worth significant compensation.

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