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Maybe you had just hopped inside an Uber when suddenly you were in an accident and badly hurt. Somebody should be held accountable for your injuries, and our legal team can help you get justice.

Supporting your claims requires evidence. We can gather witnesses, data from ridesharing apps, videos from security cameras, and more. Multiple parties might be responsible for paying your damages. The Uber or Lyft driver might be at fault, but so might other drivers involved in the collision. Suing the ridesharing companies themselves is a bit harder and not always possible. Still, you should discuss your options with a lawyer. Your attorney can help you determine who should be named as a defendant in your case, draft legal documents and paperwork, and navigate the complex rules and procedures of the legal system. Your attorney can also help you evaluate your damages and maximize your potential compensation.

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How to Support Your Claims in a Camp Springs Lyft or Uber Accident Case

We cannot support your case, let alone even get your case into court, without evidence. Evidence might be anything that is relevant to your claims and tends to prove the defendant’s liability one way or the other.

Witnesses can provide incredibly useful testimony, depending on what they know and how clear their memories of the accident are. For example, another driver who was right behind you during the accident might have seen everything and can testify in court. The more witnesses whose stories align with yours, the stronger your case may be.

We should not rule out the importance of your own testimony. There might be certain aspects of your claim that only you can testify about. Details about your physical pain, emotional distress, and how the accident has affected your life can only come from you.

We should also look into obtaining the data or records from the ridesharing app. The app is how ridesharing drivers are matched with passengers and receive payment for driving. When driving, the app must always be opened. Depending on whether certain details are in dispute, our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can use data from the app to determine when and where the Uber or Lyft driver picked you up and where the crash occurred, among other details.

Think back to where your accident occurred. There might have been security cameras or traffic cameras monitoring the area. Alternatively, one of the vehicles involved might have had a dashcam. Video footage of the accident can be extremely powerful and might completely turn the tides on your case in your favor.

Who Pays for Damages in a Lyft or Uber Collision Case in Camp Springs?

Your damages and injuries might leave you with a mountain of expenses far beyond your ability to pay. Of course, the parties responsible for the crash should have to pay. The trick is figuring out who should be held responsible, as various people and parties might be involved in the accident.

The Driver

Naturally, we should review the Uber or Lyft driver’s behavior when deciding who to include in your lawsuit. Although these drivers are responsible for the safety of dozens of passengers each day, they are not always known for being safe. Drivers must constantly have their Uber or Lyft app open on their phones, which can be very distracting. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents across the nation.

It is also possible that the driver was speeding or driving recklessly to complete your trip as quickly as possible. This way, they can complete more rides and earn more money. Unfortunately, this is also very dangerous and may cause accidents.

The Companies Uber and Lyft

If we believe the rideshare driver is primarily responsible for the accident, you might think we should sue them and their employer. While this makes sense in other situations where a negligent employee causes injuries, it is not the same for Lyft and Uber accident cases.

Since drivers are legally defined as independent contractors, Uber and Lyft are not liable for accidents because they are legally not the drivers’ employers. Even so, you should bring the issue up to your lawyer to see if you have any other legal options.

Other Parties

You must discuss your accident in depth with your lawyer, as there might be parties implicated in the collision that you do not even realize. For example, another driver might have somehow contributed to the accident. Perhaps they and the Uber driver were both speeding when they collided. Since both were speeding, the accident was made much worse.

Another possible defendant is the manufacturer of faulty auto parts. For example, if an accident happened because your Lyft driver’s brakes failed, you can sue the manufacturer of the faulty brakes.

Reasons to Hire an Experienced Attorney for Your Lyft or Uber Accident Case in Camp Springs

Car accidents are common, and many people navigate the insurance claims process independently. However, not everyone’s case is so simple. Insurance claims might be denied for seemingly arbitrary reasons, and you need a lawyer to help you push back against the insurance company.

If the insurance company refuses to play fair, your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit. If you have ever handled an insurance claim on your own, just know that a lawsuit is far more complex, time-consuming, and often frustrating. Your lawyer may be your lifeline.

When you hire an attorney, one of the first things they can do is help you determine who should be held responsible. While one party, like an Uber or Lyft driver, might be the primary defendant, it is crucial that all other parties involved in the case are examined. If others somehow contributed to the accident, they should also be named in your lawsuit.

Your attorney can also assist with the drafting of legal complaints and other documents. Lawsuits require intense and highly detailed documentation at nearly every step. If you mess up even one little piece of paperwork, your case might be delayed or worse. In short, an attorney is your greatest resource and ally in a lawsuit.

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