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Can You Sue MARTA for Injuries in Atlanta?

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is a government entity that operates Atlanta’s public transportation system. This system includes buses, trains, and streetcars that provide essential services to millions of residents and guests of Atlanta each year. Unfortunately, harmful accidents involved MARTA vehicles can occur. Further, these accidents have a high propensity to cause serious injuries.

Fortunately, you may sue MARTA for injuries stemming from an accident involving one of their vehicles in Atlanta. Support from our legal professionals can be crucial when investigating your accident to determine if MARTA is liable. Moreover, our team can help ensure that you satisfy the unique requirements for filing such a claim.

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Filing a Lawsuit Against MARTA After an Accident in Atlanta

There are multiple examples of scenarios in which you may be able to sue MARTA after an accident involving one of their vehicles. For instance, if your crash was caused by one of MARTA’s negligent employees, such as a train conductor or a bus driver, then MARTA may be liable. Additionally, you may sue MARTA if you were hurt because of dangerous conditions in their transit system. Areas like train platforms and bus stops are often poorly cleaned. Many devastating slip and fall accidents happen while victims are getting on and off of MARTA vehicles.

The time window to file a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia is governed by O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33. Usually, you will have two years from the date of a train, bus, or streetcar accident to sue for the injuries you sustained. However, unique deadlines apply to cases filed against government entities like MARTA. Under O.C.G.A. § 36-33-5(b), you are required to provide notice to MARTA that you are filing a claim against them. This notice must be served within 6 months of the date your injury occurred. Moreover, notice must include multiple details pertaining to your accident such as the date, the location, and a description of the injuries it caused.

Accordingly, you should act quickly following a MARTA accident. You may only have 6 months to take the first steps toward filing a lawsuit. Furthermore, as time goes on, the evidence needed to support your case may become difficult to collect or preserve.

In the aftermath of your accident, our Atlanta car accident lawyers will review the strength of your claim against MARTA. If it is determined that you can sue, then we will help satisfy the notice requirement in a timely manner. Moreover, we will immediately begin gathering all of the evidence needed to win your case.

Evidence Used to Sue MARTA for Injuries in Atlanta, GA

When filing a lawsuit against MARTA, you will need to present convincing evidence that proves they are to blame for your injuries. Fortunately, there is a wide array of evidence that may be used.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage is one of the most convincing types of evidence that may be used in a lawsuit against MARTA. Such footage may provide an unbiased account of how your accident occurred.

There are many potential sources of useful surveillance recordings. For example, a camera from a driver’s dashboard camera may capture the events leading up to a harmful bus accident. Furthermore, a nearby business’ security system may record you slipping and falling on debris found at a train platform.

However, those who are in control of relevant surveillance recordings may not want to cooperate with you. Support from our legal team can be highly beneficial when seeking to recover a copy of a third party’s surveillance recording in your case.

Eyewitness Statements

Like surveillance recordings, eyewitness statements can help demonstrate how or why certain accidents happened. For instance, a witness to your streetcar accident may assert that the crash occurred because the driver was distracted. Further, a witness who observed your slip and fall accident may help identify the hazard that contributed to your fall.

You should always attempt to exchange contact information with possible witnesses to your accident if possible.

Medical Records

It is essential that you seek medical treatment quickly after suffering injuries in a MARTA vehicle accident. Some injuries may not be apparent right away. By visiting a doctor quickly, they can perform a full assessment of the harm you incurred.

Additionally, you will need to obtain proper documentation of your injuries to prove the harm you suffered. If you wait for your injuries to heal on their own, then acquiring this documentation can become difficult.

Photographs from the Accident Scene

You should always take photos at the scene of your accident if you can. There are multiple ways such photos may be utilized.

First, these photos may be used to help establish fault. For example, photos of poor lighting at a train station may be used to show why your slip and fall happened. Moreover, if an at-fault driver tries to argue that your bus accident happened because of poor weather, as opposed to their negligent behavior, then photos from the scene depicting clear weather may be used to discredit their assertion.

Furthermore, photos from the scene of your accident may be used to establish damages. For instance, if your vehicle is hit by a MARTA bus, they may later try to assert that your car was actually damaged by some subsequent event. In that case, photos from the scene could be used to show that your damage relates to the collision at issue.

Damages You Can Recover by Suing MARTA for Injuries in Atlanta

There are multiple types of damages that may be compensated through a lawsuit against MARTA. For instance, you may obtain payment for economic losses like medical bills, lost income, and property damage. Moreover, non-economic damages like your physical pain and emotional suffering may also be accounted for. Our attorneys can help determine the true value of your case. That way, you may avoid accepting a quick and cheap settlement offer.

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