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Motorcycle accidents have the potential to seriously injure riders, even when they are responsible and adhere to all safety precautions. Motorcycles are much less protective than vans, trucks, cars, and other kinds of motor vehicles because the rider is exposed and does not have access to all of the protective features that a car does. If you got in an accident riding a motorcycle, you could be looking at enormous medical bills and a long road to recovery from your injuries.

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need experienced legal representation in your corner. We can work to get you the financial compensation you are entitled to so you can be made whole from your injuries. Our lawyers can work towards getting you the justice you deserve by collecting evidence, creating an effective legal strategy, and fighting for you in court before a judge and jury.

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Motorcycle Stereotypes in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Crofton, MD

Thanks to movies, television, and decades of lore and mystique surrounding motorcycles, there is a somewhat unfair reputation motorcycle riders have gained as thrill-seekers and risk-takers. While there are certainly some motorcycle enthusiasts who fit that mold, that stereotype could not be further from reality. Many motorcycle riders exercise responsible safety precautions and are upstanding motorists who take care of their vehicles.

This unfair preconceived notion of motorcycle riders could make its way into your motorcycle accident lawsuit. A canny opposing lawyer will be sure to bring up the potential risks of riding a motorcycle and may try to have it look like you are just another motorcycle rider taking risks who got their comeuppance. Our lawyers will make sure that you are characterized fairly in court and stand up to any attorneys who try to make it seem like your accident was just bad luck.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Crofton, MD

The reasons that motorcycle accidents happen are varied. While this might not seem like an important thing to consider, the cause of your motorcycle accident is actually a critical, central issue in any successful motorcycle accident claim. The cause of a motorcycle accident is directly related to who is liable for your injuries and who you can recover damages from.

Negligent Drivers

Drivers who do not follow the rules of the road are a danger to motorcyclists and ordinary drivers alike. Distractions like texting or making phone calls make it much more likely for a driver to cause an accident. This risk is compounded for motorcyclists since motorcycles are smaller than cars and will be harder to spot for a distracted driver.

Drivers can also cause accidents by violating traffic laws. A driver who is speeding or not stopping at red lights will have less time to react to a motorcyclist who is obeying the rules of the road and could crash into them.

Aggressive drivers are also a danger to motorcyclists. Speeding and constantly switching lanes to get ahead is already dangerous enough for ordinary drivers. For motorcycles, their perceived reputation creates other dangers. Just like some drivers do not like bike riders, some drivers may not like people who ride motorcycles and could drive aggressively and dangerously around them and risk injury.

Vehicle Defects

Some motorcycle accidents are caused by problems with the motorcycle itself. In law, these problems are known as defects. Defects can be either design defects or manufacturing defects.

Design defects are problems that arise when the product – in this case, a motorcycle – is used as intended. They are inherent problems with the vehicle. Examples of a design defects in a motorcycle could be leaking fuel tanks or handlebars that do not provide enough steering capability and power.

On the other hand, manufacturing defects are mistakes that arise from the construction and maintenance of the motorcycle. Examples of manufacturing defects include cracks in the motorcycle frame, improperly installed brakes, and tires that do not give enough traction.

One particularly nasty side-effect of accidents caused by product defects is that they might be blamed on the motorcyclist. An accident caused by a defect could only involve the motorcycle and no other vehicles. From the outside, it could look like the rider merely lost control. If your injuries were caused by a motorcycle defect, our lawyers will work hard to make sure that your case is not written off as an unfortunate mistake on your part.

Helmets in Crofton, MD Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

The law in Maryland requires motorcycle operators to wear a helmet at all times per Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306. You might worry that this could make you unable to file a successful motorcycle accident lawsuit if you did not wear a helmet. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Maryland law does not allow discussion about whether the plaintiff wore a helmet or not to come up in motorcycle accident lawsuits. In fact, helmets or “protective headgear” cannot be mentioned during the trial by anyone. This includes lawyers for both sides as well as any witnesses that may testify in court.

The exception to this prohibition on talking about helmets is when helmets are directly at issue in the case. If you are suing a manufacturer of protective helmets, alleging that a defective helmet is the cause of your injuries, whether you were wearing a helmet, and wearing it properly, can be discussed because it is a central issue to the case.

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