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Trucking accidents can be terrible collisions that cause devastating outcomes. They almost invariably lead to severe injuries for other motorists or pedestrians. After a truck accident, you could have gigantic medical bills, an intense recovery regimen, and permanently life-altering injuries. Getting justice for your injuries might be the last thing on your mind.

If you were hurt in a truck crash in or around Crofton, our lawyers can help. We can examine the facts of your unique situation, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and fight hard for you in a court of law to get you the maximum compensation for your case.

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Examples of Truck Accidents in Crofton, MD

Truck accidents take many different forms. While it might seem unimportant in the grand scheme of a truck accident lawsuit exactly how the accident happened, such information can help build a stronger case and is often necessary to have a successful legal argument in court. One of the first things our lawyers will ask you is how exactly your accident played out.

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife accidents are particularly prone to happen to 18-wheeler trucks. A Jackknife accident is when the truck trailer pivots around the connection point to the tractor and folds in on itself like a pocketknife. Jackknife accidents are especially dangerous because they have the potential to hit multiple vehicles. Additionally, the crashed truck creates an obstacle for other motorists, and cargo can get strewn about the road, posing a hazard for drivers.

Underride Accidents

Trucks are significantly taller than other motor vehicles. If an ordinary vehicle collides with the rear of a tractor-trailer, the bottom of the trailer will likely impact the top portion of the car behind it, taking the top right off. Accidents of this nature are almost universally fatal. Modern trucks have a guardrail designed to prevent this specific accident from happening. However, older trucks may not have this safety feature.

While one may think that an underride accident is the fault of the non-truck driver for following too closely, that is not often the case. Frequently these incidents are caused by truckers not maintaining adequate spacing between vehicles or stopping suddenly on the highway.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Crofton, MD

The following are all potential causes of serious trucking accident cases:

Tired Drivers

Driving a motor vehicle when you are tired is extremely dangerous. In fact, a fatigued driver behind the wheel is about as dangerous as a driver who has had too much to drink that night. Because of this known danger, there are laws that truckers must follow regarding how long they are allowed to be behind the wheel in one sitting. Truckers are also required to keep a log of their time behind the wheel. If the truck driver in your accident stayed behind the wheel for too long, they could be found negligent. Additionally, the trucking company could be found negligent if they pressured the driver to keep going when they were supposed to stop and take a break.

Improper Loading

Commercial trucks carry large amounts of cargo across great distances. If that cargo is not properly secured or tied down, it can cause problems for the truck. An improperly loaded 18-wheeler becomes incredibly top-heavy. This means that an otherwise safe driving maneuver could end in disaster when the truck falls off balance. Additionally, poorly secured cargo can fall out of a truck during an accident, hitting other vehicles and creating dangerous obstacles on the road.

Popped Tires

A popped tire on a large truck is dangerous because it can cause the truck to swerve out of control of the driver. Popped tires are commonly caused by a lack of regular maintenance of the truck or by a defect in the tire itself. Additionally, overloading a truck or improperly distributing a cargo load can result in truck tires popping and causing accidents.

Who Can You Sue in a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Crofton, MD?

The Driver

The driver is probably the most obvious target for a lawsuit after a truck accident. To find the truck driver liable in court, you have to prove that they were negligent. In law, negligence means that someone was careless, and their carelessness caused your injury. Examples of truck driver negligence include drinking while driving, speeding, or driving past the point of fatigue.

The Trucking Company

In addition to suing the driver, you should also strongly consider suing the driver’s employer. The law allows employers to be held liable in court for the negligent actions of their employees based on a legal principle called “responedeat superior,” which translates to “let the master answer.” One of the reasons employers can be liable is because they are often better situated than employees to adequately compensate a plaintiff for their injuries.

Manufacturers and Designers

If your truck accident was caused by a problem with the truck itself, you might be able to sue the manufacturer or designer of the truck. In law, defects are broken down into two categories: manufacturing defects and design defects.

Design defects are problems with the truck itself. Examples of a design defect in a truck would be a gas tank put in a position where it is likely to combust or a lack of a guardrail to prevent underride accidents.

On the other hand, manufacturing defects are problems that come up during the construction or maintenance of the truck. Manufacturing defects are not things inherently wrong with the truck, but they are an indication that someone made a mistake. Examples of manufacturing defects in trucks include the use of substandard materials, improperly installed airbags, and faulty transmission systems.

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