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The Dangers of Driving an 18-Wheeler Truck on Baltimore City Streets

Accidents involving 18 wheelers are a cause of many deaths and truly severe injuries. the very nature of the big rigs or semi trucks also makes them susceptible to accidents caused by limited maneuverability, blind spots, long stopping times, and more. the combination of injury severity and susceptibility to an accident makes it imperative that the drivers of these vehicles be extremely well trained and trustworthy and explains why the federal regulations are so extensive. That also places a great deal of responsibility on the companies who hire these drivers. Unfortunately, the long haul freight business in which most big rigs operate tends to involve very complicated relationships. It’s often not even clear who owns the rig; it might be the driver, but it’s often a separate transport company or another third party.

Sometimes it’s the shipper. Untangling the relationships is the initial step in any big rig accident case.

Truck drivers must deal with a large number of obstacles and risk factors that could lead to very serious accidents. These dangers increase when a truck driver is traveling through city streets. As a result, all motor vehicle operators should understand why these roads are particularly dangerous and what steps can be taken to make sure that everyone on the road remains safe. Baltimore truck accident lawyer Randolph Rice explains.

Why City Streets Are Dangerous for Large Commercial Trucks

There are more factors than high populations that make city streets particularly dangerous for truck drivers. Some of the other dangerous elements include the following:

  • More frequent braking: Due to traffic lights every few blocks in many city areas, motor vehicle operators often must make more frequent stops. These stops can place a significant amount of pressure on truck drivers, who must be particularly careful to take their delayed stopping time due to the size of trucks into consideration.
  • Difficulty maneuvering: Almost always, city roads are much narrower than highways. Particularly when a truck is making a turn, drivers must be careful to avoid being involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident with another vehicle.
  • More obstacles and hazards: There are a large number of obstacles that truck drivers must learn to anticipate. This means that truck drivers must be particularly careful to avoid striking unanticipated objects or pedestrian. In many cases, truck operators respond to the increased number of dangerous elements by driving much slower than they would on more open roads like highways and rural country roads.

Tips for Drivers to Avoid Accidents with 18-Wheeler Trucks

Truck drivers often must take detours from their routes, which results in these vehicles traveling through city streets. While accidents with a truck can result in significant damage, there are some important steps that motor vehicle drivers can take to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. Some of the safety steps that you can take to avoid being involved in an accident with a truck while driving in the city include:

  • Allow truck drivers the right of way. If a truck is passing, motor vehicle operators should not try to speed up to get around the vehicle. Instead, it is a much better idea for a motor vehicle operator to slow down and allow the truck to proceed first.
  • Give trucks ample space. If you are stopping behind a truck on a hill, it is a wise idea to leave an ample amount of space between the vehicle and you. In some cases, trucks can roll backward in the short time that it takes a truck driver to switch their foot from the brake to the gas.
  • Make sure that your vehicle can be seen. If a passenger vehicle driver is unable to see a truck’s mirror, the driver of the truck also likely cannot see the passenger vehicle drivers. Trucks have large blind spots, which make it impossible for truck drivers to see certain vehicles

How a Maryland Truck Crash Lawyer Can Help With Your Accident Claim

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is always recommended in the case of a truck accident. A truck accident lawyer can help you to assess your claim, something that is difficult to do on one’s own. Assessing a claim by yourself, without the guidance of a truck accident lawyer, will often lead to inaccurate results.

On the other hand, a truck accident lawyer will be able to look at your claim objectively and determine if you have a viable case and whether or not it is worth it to seek out compensation based on your mental and physical injures (your pain and suffering) sustained in the truck accident. Determining liability is a crucial role of the truck accident lawyer, and without the ability to accurately determine liability, there would be no personal injury case in the first place.

A truck accident lawyer can also help a truck accident victim to understand the sometimes complex laws that apply to truck drivers that the majority of the general population of drivers are unaware of.

Finally, a truck accident lawyer will help a victim seeking compensation to properly negotiate their desired compensation. As the majority of personal injury cases – as many as 96% – are able to be settled outside of a courtroom, the ability to negotiate compensation is vitally important.

Maryland Truck Accident Attorney Offering Free Consultations

In the case of severe injury, mental or physical, or loss of life, a truck accident lawyer should always be consulted. Baltimore personal injury lawyer Randolph Rice helps those who have suffered lost income, medical bills, and other financial hardships after a truck accident. Call our law offices today at (410) 657-5075 for a free consultation about your legal options after an accident in the city with a large commercial truck.