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Motorcycle accidents often leave victims with injuries that will take a significant amount of time to recover from, if at all. Fortunately, our lawyers know how to assess these damages and fight for them in a lawsuit.

Depending on how your crash occurred, you might have a range of injuries. Some might be minor, like a small fracture that will heal in a few months. However, far too many victims suffer serious injuries in motorcycle accidents, especially head and neck trauma. You need a firm that understands the significance of these injuries and the compensation it will take to treat them. We believe riders should be treated fairly, whether they are on the road or in court. Our team’s job is to get the evidence that shows no amount of safety or awareness would have prevented the other driver from injuring you.

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Types of Injuries that Motorcycle Accidents Cause in Langley Park, MD

It is no secret that riders can suffer serious injuries if they are involved in a motorcycle accident. Even accidents that occur at low rates of speed can leave you with significant injuries. To protect yourself from negligent drivers, you should always wear a helmet and protective gear. The other way to protect yourself after an accident is to work with our motorcycle accident attorneys. We can accurately assess your damages and gather evidence that proves how your injuries were caused.

Broken Bones

For instance, bone fractures are common in motorcycle accidents. While these injuries tend to heal with the right treatment, they are incredibly painful injuries that can be much more serious depending on the bone broken. If you broke your wrist in the accident, your recovery time might not be as bad, and your claim can move along quickly. If you broke your thigh bone in the crash, though, you will likely need extensive physical therapy for some time. Our team has the experience to evaluate your injuries no matter how serious they are.

Soft-Tissue Injuries

In some cases, you might have only suffered some bruising, lacerations, and other soft-tissue injuries. While these injuries can seem minor, you should not skip getting medical treatment after the accident. These types of injuries could point to a more significant issue going on internally, which the doctors can check in the emergency room. For example, you might have slight bruising on your abdomen and think it is no big deal if it is not that painful. However, you could have suffered internal injuries and bleeding that will not be apparent until it becomes trouble.

Brain and Spinal Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage are usually the worst injuries riders can suffer if they survive the accident. These injuries can be incredibly devasting for you and your family, as the consequences of these injuries can be permanent. For example, you might need life-long care and rehabilitation if you were paralyzed in any part of your body. Even minor brain injuries can leave you with cognitive disabilities that will need ongoing treatment.

The compensation needed for these types of injuries is often significant. It can also be difficult to calculate all the medical expenses and lost income that such injuries are likely to cause. Our lawyers can work with medical experts to fully assess your condition and obtain a projected estimate of your future needs.

Road Rash

“Road rash” is an injury that most riders are familiar with as it is common in motorcycle accidents. If a negligent driver causes your bike to skid on the concrete, it can drag you along until it stops, causing terrible damage to your skin and nerves in the process.

Road rash is known to be an immensely painful injury. You typically will need to get it treated to avoid serious infections that could poison your blood, as well as multiple follow-up treatments to get skin grafted onto the damaged areas. Our attorneys can help claim your medical losses, as well as the damages you will suffer if you now have visible scarring or disfigurements. You deserve to be compensated not only for the financial losses you have sustained but also for the emotional trauma you have endured.

Evidence Our Lawyers Can Use to Prove Fault in Your Langley Park, MD Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

It is one thing to know another person caused your injuries and another to prove it in court. Fortunately, our attorneys handle these cases daily and know what evidence it takes to prove fault in a claim. You will already have some of the evidence we will need to get your lawsuit started. Once we have reviewed that evidence and have a good idea about the nature of the case, we can gather additional information that substantiates your damages and leaves no question as to the defendant’s negligence.

Accident Reports

Most lawsuits start with the accident report made by the police who investigated your accident. While the reports themselves usually cannot be submitted as evidence in a lawsuit, they can provide incredibly important information. For instance, all the identifying information we need about the other driver to file a claim against them will be there. This includes their name, insurance information, and the address where their lawsuit can be served.

As mentioned, police reports are typically barred from being introduced at trial but can be used during insurance negotiations. If the police report contains the officer’s conclusions about the cause of the accident, that would not be allowed in court but can be incredibly persuasive during settlement negotiations with the insurance company.

Witness Testimony

We will also review the report for witnesses. If there were witnesses to your accident, they might have provided a statement in the report that includes how to contact them. Our team can contact the witnesses on your behalf and arrange for them to provide testimony in your case. It is normally worth the effort to get witnesses in court since judges and juries tend to find the testimony from uninterested parties credible.

Evidence from the Scene

You should also keep evidence from the scene if you can. For instance, if your helmet was cracked in the crash or your riding jacket was ruined, that can be introduced as evidence of the severity of the collision.

You should also take pictures and videos with your phone, if possible. Obviously, your wrecked motorcycle cannot typically be brought into court as evidence. However, photos and videos of your damaged bike can be found here. It is often much more powerful evidence than just describing the damage you saw. You should also get pictures of your injuries while they are new before they begin healing.

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