Langley Park Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents in Langley Park account for some of the worst injuries our lawyers see. Fortunately, we can help you file a claim that gets you the compensation you need to get you through recovery and beyond.

Lawsuits for these types of accidents can be notoriously challenging but often worth the trouble. In most cases, you will be able to name multiple defendants in your claim. We will sue the truck driver who injured you, but we will also typically name the employer as a defendant. Trucking companies are responsible for their employees’ actions, including their negligent ones. Our team has the experience to get the evidence that establishes the driver as the trucking company’s responsibility and how the driver caused the accident. In some cases, we might need to sue a manufacturer if the cause of the accident was not the driver but a part of the truck not functioning properly.

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Who You Might Be Able to File a Lawsuit Against for a Truck Accident in Langley Park, MD

Truck accidents in Langley Park tend to be major incidents. They often involve multiple vehicles when they crash and many potential victims. However, these cases are challenging because others besides the truck driver might be liable for an accident. Our truck accident attorneys can help you identify each party that played a role in causing your injuries. We will also help you gather the evidence that proves why they should compensate you.

Most lawsuits name the truck driver as the defendant. More often than not, the driver’s negligence directly led to the accident. For example, if the driver wrecked because they were tired from driving too long or distracted when the accident occurred, they could be held liable. Other devastating accidents are caused by the driver speeding with a full trailer and jackknifing when they attempt to stop. No matter how the driver caused your accident, we can help you sue them.

Our team will also look beyond the truck driver when preparing your claim to see if the trucking company should also be a defendant in the case. In many cases, the trucking company can be sued for their employee’s negligence. As long as the driver caused the accident while they were working within the normal scope of their job, the employer will have to share liability. If the driver was off the clock or conducting personal business when they injured you, we might need to find another way to hold the trucking company liable.

Other drivers are also perfectly capable of causing truck accidents. If another driver cuts a truck off or otherwise causes it to crash, we can sue the driver who originally caused the accident. It is also possible that they both contributed to causing the accident, like if the truck was speeding when it was cut off. Our team can review your case to determine where the fault lies.

Evidence that Can Help Prove a Truck Accident Claim in Langley Park, MD

To recover the compensation you deserve, you will need evidence. In a truck accident lawsuit, the evidence you need might be extensive. Further, it might be difficult for a jury to understand. Our team not only knows where to gather evidence for these cases, we can organize and present the information in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Some of the evidence you need might already be in your hands. For instance, recording videos and taking pictures with our phones has become common practice, especially when something critical is happening. If you took pictures or videos of the scene of your accident, your damaged vehicle, or your injuries, we can use them to prove elements of your lawsuit and contradict the defendant’s claims. If the driver said they were barely moving when they hit you, but your photos show your vehicle clearly demolished, it will go a long way in proving your case.

These days, many commercial trucks are equipped with cameras. Some trucks have them both for the cab and for recording the road ahead. If the truck that injured you had these cameras installed, our team will demand that evidence during litigation. We will also investigate the scene to determine if any traffic cameras or nearby homes or businesses with surveillance cameras have recorded your accident.

Witness testimony can also be incredibly powerful in a lawsuit. Our lawyers will review the accident report and other information to determine who could testify to help your case. If a witness is attesting to the same facts as you in court, it is very persuasive to a jury or judge that you are telling the truth. Most witnesses have no reason to lie for a stranger, so their testimony often carries weight.

Compensation You Can Claim in Your Langley Park, MD Truck Accident Lawsuit

What compensation you need to claim will depend on the injuries you sustained in the accident. Considering the potential severity of truck accidents, you will likely have economic and non-economic damages to cover. The following are the damages you can pursue in your lawsuit:

Medical Costs

You probably suffered some type of injury that required medical attention following the crash. The more serious your injuries, the more expensive your medical costs are likely to be. If you need to stay in the hospital for an extended time or follow-up surgeries to continue repairing the injury, the costs can skyrocket. Any medical care that your injuries require can be included in your lawsuit.

Lost Income

You should also not be responsible for lost wages because you need to miss work to recover. Our team can help you calculate the income you lost for each day of work you had to miss. We can also assess the difference in wages if you had to take less paying work as a result of your injuries.

It is possible the truck accident caused injuries so severe you cannot work again. Our lawyers can evaluate the projected future earnings you will lose out on and make sure they are accounted for in your lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering can also be awarded for your non-economic losses. These damages account for the ways the accident and your injuries have impacted you physically and emotionally. For instance, if you now deal with daily chronic pain from your injuries, you should be compensated for having to live with a condition you did not cause. You should also be paid accordingly for the emotional strain living with your injuries has caused.

These damages can be difficult to calculate but can increase your compensation significantly. Our attorneys will obtain the evidence that shows how your truck accident has affected your life.

Our Langley Park, MD Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get Justice for Your Injuries

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