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Few types of accidents are as terrifying or as potentially deadly as pedestrian accidents. However, you have every right to walk safely around Langley Park and can file a lawsuit if this right has been violated.

Our lawyers can help you file a lawsuit that can cover the losses stemming from your injury. During our investigation, we will get your medical records that show how you have treated your injuries and the doctor’s conclusions as to their cause. We can also fight insurance companies that might try to reduce your compensation by placing some of the blame on you. We can fight these claims so you get a settlement that actually helps. However, we are not afraid to take your case to court if the insurance company refuses to pay what you are owed.

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How Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Can Help Your Case in Langley Park, MD

You could be left with life-altering and expensive injuries if you were harmed in a Langley Park pedestrian accident. However, insurance companies often try to place the blame for the accident on the pedestrian and not the negligent driver who injured them. Fortunately, our pedestrian accident attorneys can stand up to the insurance company and bring your case to court if necessary. With our support, you will stand a better chance of recovering the compensation you are entitled to. The following are some of the ways we can help your lawsuit in Langley Park:

We Will Investigate Your Claim

One of the most important parts of a pedestrian accident lawsuit is the investigation. Our team has years of experience doing just that. Many of these cases come down to the pedestrian’s word versus the driver’s. However, we will investigate the scene of the accident to see if additional evidence can be found and take photos that can be used to contradict the defendant’s claims. We will also use the police accident report to identify witnesses that can help your case.

This process includes gathering your medical records to substantiate your injuries and show their extent. If your accident happened in a complex way or your injuries are too serious for a typical juror to understand, our lawyers will arrange for expert witnesses to provide statements or testify in court. They can explain complicated issues to the jury so they are fully informed when deciding your case.

We Will Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Once we have gathered the evidence to fully assess your damages and prove liability, we can begin negotiating with the insurance company. In most cases, we will still file a lawsuit, but a settlement can be negotiated at any time before the trial begins. Filing a lawsuit shows the insurance company that we are serious about getting your compensation. The good news is that most insurance companies do not play games when a law firm is involved. It usually costs them more money in the long run to take a case to trial than to settle, especially when liability is clear.

However, an insurance company might be unwilling to offer you a settlement that accounts for all your damages. A good settlement in a pedestrian accident case is one that accounts for not only your financial losses like medical expenses and lost income but also your emotional and physical pain and suffering. Our attorneys can accurately evaluate your damages and demand a settlement from the insurance company that reflects that amount.

Some insurance companies like to pressure victims into accepting less money to get it faster. We can move negotiations along if you need compensation sooner. However, we will discuss any offer made before you make your final decision.

We Will Argue Your Case in Court

Settlement negotiations do not always end a lawsuit. Some need to be argued in front of a judge or jury. If you cannot get the compensation you deserve in a settlement, our lawyers will not hesitate to take your case to trial. This tends to be more common after a pedestrian accident, as there is often more room to argue liability. If the case comes down to your word against the defendant, the insurance company might be willing to take their chances in court.

If that happens, our team will ensure you and your case are fully prepared. We will organize the evidence in a way that the court can follow your claims as to how the defendant injured you and the damages you have had to live with. Our team will also prep you so you are ready to take the stand. Many of these lawsuits rely on victim testimony for evidence. We can help prepare for the questions we will ask you in court, as well as the ones the defense will ask on cross-examination. This will alleviate some of the anxiety going to court can create.

Of course, no one can predict how a court will decide, even when the evidence is obvious. If the jury decides against you, it does not necessarily mean the end of your case. Our team will determine why the case was lost and if appealing it can get you the compensation you need.

What Damages You Can Get in a Langley Park, MD Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

Pedestrian accidents in Langley Park are responsible for some of the most serious injuries. Thus, you might have considerable damages after being involved in one.

The bulk of your damages will typically be in the form of economic damages. For instance, if your injuries were serious and required hospitalization and surgeries, your medical expenses would likely be high. You will also need compensation for any income you lost as a result of your injuries. Our team will evaluate these losses, as well as account for any future economic losses we might foresee, like the costs of physical therapy or upgrades to your home.

Injured pedestrians will also typically have extensive non-economic damages. These are known as “pain and suffering” and award victims for losses like the physical pain and emotional stress dealing with their injuries have caused. For instance, if you need extensive physical therapy to walk normally again, you should be compensated for the psychological effects you suffer as a result. If you cannot do the same activities that brought you joy in life, you can claim this loss.

Pain and suffering can be difficult to calculate since it is hard to put a price on your suffering. But with our lawyer’s help, you will have the evidence you need to show how you have been impacted by your accident.

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