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Marietta is a busy city sitting just outside of Atlanta, so it comes as no surprise that car accidents are common here. If you have been injured in one, our attorneys will be ready to help you pursue compensation.

Our team can help you by handling every aspect of your case. Most importantly, we will gather the evidence you need to prove your damages. We encourage you to get evidence while on the scene, as it will often show how the other driver caused the collision. However, we will get additional evidence to fill in the gaps. During the course of your lawsuit, we can request evidence from the defendant. We can also get accident reports if you did not get one on the scene. Our lawyers will ensure that witnesses are contacted and arrange for them to provide testimony to support your claims.

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How to Gather Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim in Marietta, GA

Proving a claim after a car accident to recover damages for your injuries requires evidence. However, you might never have had to file a lawsuit before, so you might not know what evidence you need or how to get it. The best way to get the information you need to win your claim is to reach out to our car accident lawyers immediately. Our team will know what you need to prove depending on the type of car accident you suffered.

When you work with our attorneys, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while we gather the evidence for your case. However, some evidence will only be available at the scene of the accident. Thus, you can start building your case as soon as the accident happens if your injuries permit. Once the scene has been cleaned, some evidence could be lost forever if not preserved. The following will help you start gathering evidence after your collision that we can use to start your claim:

Call 911

The first step after a car accident is to call 911. In fact, O.C.G.A. § 40-6-273 requires those involved in a vehicle accident to report it to the police if it results in injury, death, or property damage of $500 or more. After calling 911, the police and emergency medical services will usually respond. Be sure to talk to the police so they get your statements in the report. You should also accept medical care to start building your medical evidence.

The police report will be useful during insurance negotiations. While it cannot be admitted as evidence at a trial, it is crucial during negotiations. If the report notes that the other driver was ticketed and the officer’s observations make liability obvious, it can help settle cases quickly. The report will also include statements from witnesses and their information so we can contact them later, even if you did not speak to them on the scene.

Speak to Witnesses

If your injuries permit, speak to witnesses while still on the scene. As mentioned, witness information will usually be in the police report, but it is a good idea to get your own notes in case the report has errors. Ask witnesses what they say during the accident and get their contact information. Once we start investigating your claim, we can contact witnesses on your behalf. The sooner we speak to witnesses, the better their memories of the accident will be.

Take Photographs

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone. Use yours to take pictures of everything at the crash scene. Even if your car accident was minor, photograph anything and everything that seems relevant to winning a claim.

For instance, you will definitely want to take pictures of the damage to both vehicles and where they came to rest on the road. This can often show how severe an accident was. If you notice tire marks or debris scattered across the road, photograph it.

Be sure to also take pictures of the scene itself. Get photos of any traffic signals, stop signs, the adjoining streets, and the road conditions. Also, be on the lookout for businesses or homes that might have surveillance cameras. You do not need to try to get the footage then, though. Just take photos of the area, and our team can return to the scene and speak with the camera owner to get the footage on your behalf.

You can also use photos as evidence of your injuries, so take pictures of them on the scene or at the hospital. This way, the severity of your injuries will be persevered for your claim. The claims process can take several months or longer, depending on the accident. By the time you get to court, your injuries might have healed. The photos you took the day of the accident will be the best way to prove your damages were legitimate.

You might also have had a dashcam installed, or the other driver did. Dashcams can cut through the noise and show exactly what happened in the accident. If the other driver had the dashcam, we can demand they turn the evidence over to us.

Get Medical Treatment

As mentioned, get medical treatment on the scene. Emergency medical services will make a report of the treatment you received on the scene that can be used in your claim. If the ambulance takes you to the emergency room, you will have a chain of medical records clearly showing how you responded to your injuries. If you do not need an ambulance, you should still go straight to the hospital to get further care.

This is critical because you cannot prove you have losses if you do not have medical records. Your records will connect the injuries with their cause, which is the other driver’s negligence. They will also be necessary to accurately calculate your economic damages and assess your pain and suffering.

Once you have completed emergency care, follow through with your treatment program. This means getting continued care for your injuries until you reach “maximum medical improvement.” If you miss even one or two appointments, the defendant can argue that you should not get all the damages you are claiming.

While you might have been given some records when you were discharged, you do not need to get your medical records yourself. That is our lawyers’ job. We will reach out to each medical provider you need to visit during treatment. With your authorization, we can have these records sent directly to our offices without you even needing to worry about them. We will also collect bills and invoices to submit with your claim to substantiate your damages.

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