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snowy road, car accident , crash, car accident lawyer in snowHow to Avoid a Crash with a Snow Plow

Dicey winter weather creates dangerous conditions on the roads, killing 900 and injuring 76,000 Americans every year in auto accidents. Some of those crashes involve the very vehicles working to keep the roads safe: snow plows.

Plow operators work in the worst weather conditions to clear the roads, often taking on long shifts or overtime hours to keep up with the snow and ice.

If you have the misfortune of colliding with one of these heavy vehicles operating in terrible weather, the outcome can be disastrous when you consider that a snow plow may weigh 15 times as much as your car.

Snow Plow Accident Lawyer

If you’re involved in a snow plow crash, it’s important to protect your rights. Baltimore, Maryland auto accident attorney Randolph Rice is experienced in navigating the nuances of personal injury accidents.

It’s important to seek treatment and document your injuries right away. It’s also important to know that some injuries, especially in the head and neck area, may take several days to surface.

Contact Randolph Rice to get personalized advice on how to handle the aftermath of a snow plow accident, including arranging repairs to your vehicle, dealing with the insurance company and addressing any injuries you may have.

Tips to Avoid Snow Plow Crashes

Work, school and personal obligations often mean you need to travel in hazardous winter weather, increasing the risk of a snow plow crash.

Here are some tips and tricks designed to decrease your chances of experiencing a winter weather auto accident, or to help if you find yourself in a slippery situation:

car, tire, snow, accident,Safe Driving Tips for Slick Roads

Snow Plow drivers have to tackle tough winter driving conditions while navigating around other vehicles on the road. State Highway snow plow operators often operate “plow trains” to tackle main arteries in sync.

This means that three or more plows may operate alongside one another, often well below the posted speed limit for a main highway or thoroughfare.

Be aware that these snow plow operators often spread salt behind them as they progress. It’s important that you give the plow operators space if you find yourself behind one of these snow plow trains.

Maintaining a safe following distance decreases your chances or sliding into a snow plow, and it also helps preserve better visibility by steering clear of the salt stream coming off of the snow plow.

Protect Yourself from Snow Plow Accidents

Snow plow accidents can occur many different ways. Perhaps the worst case scenario is getting plowed into by a snow plow operator on the road.

The plow attachment is capable of moving thousands of pounds of snow, which means it can easily crush your car and inflict injuries on you and your passengers.

There are other snow plow accident scenarios that can be devastating as well. For example, there are documented cases in which snow plow operators pushed snow over a bridge onto passing cars below, causing a crash.

It’s also important to be on alert when passing a snow plow. The plow attachments are capable of clipping cars while passing through intersections or driving in the adjacent lane.  

Protecting Your Rights in a Snow Plow Accident

Conventional wisdom dictates that rear end collisions are typically the fault of the driver who crashed into the car ahead. This is not always the case with snow plow accidents.

Snow plow operators often need to operate well below the posted speed to safely clear heavy loads of snow. It’s always wise to maintain plenty of space between your vehicle and the snow plow ahead of your.

With that said, if a snow plow stops suddenly or reverses unexpectedly, the snow plow driver may be at fault for the accident.

Help with Snow Plow Accident Claims

It’s important that you immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney like Randolph Rice of Baltimore, Maryland to protect your rights.

Many plows are owned or contracted by states or municipalities and negotiating damage settlements can be complicated.

Randolph Rice can contend with the complex intricacies involved in unraveling who is at fault in a snow plow accident in severe weather.

Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today to get a free consultation on your case. Don’t hesitate and miss your window to obtain compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage.

The dangers of snow plows: