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Truck accidents almost always result in serious injuries. The large difference between size and weight between regular vehicles and big-rig commercial trucks means that the odds are stacked against the ordinary motorist. Costs of medical treatment and physical therapies to recover can often balloon out of control. On top of that, your car might be completely totaled or need expensive repairs.

Our lawyers stand ready to provide expert legal assistance in truck accident lawsuits. We can go over medical records, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and prepare your case so that you stand the best chance of getting what you need to move past a truck accident.

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Injuries From Truck Accidents in Pasadena, MD

Truck accident injuries can take many forms. However, they are almost uniformly severe. It is very lucky indeed to go through a truck accident and come out the other end unscathed. The seriousness of your injuries will be instrumental in calculating damages should you be successful in court and should be discussed with our truck accident lawyers before you accept any payments or settlements for your injuries.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Impact injuries are common in truck accidents. Even a minor fender-bender can result in whiplash or concussions. In a truck accident, the blunt trauma sustained can be much worse.

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are caused by forceful impacts on the skull. They usually happen during sudden, violent impacts. Traumatic brain injuries can result in dizziness, memory loss, or in severe cases, loss of basic functions. Concussions are another kind of traumatic brain injury that can cause you to temporarily lose consciousness.

In a truck accident, there are two impacts that give an opportunity for blunt trauma injuries to occur. The first impact is when the truck hits you or your vehicle. The second impact is when you collide with another thing, be that the inside of your vehicle or the road itself.

Cuts and Puncture Wounds

Cuts and puncture wounds are also common in truck accidents. Cuts can result from broken window glass or other debris that comes off the truck or your own vehicle. Deep cuts can require intensive stitching to heal fully. Moreover, a particularly deep cut could sever nerves, causing further complications.

Puncture wounds are much more dangerous than cuts. Not only are stabs harder to stitch or suture shut, but a puncture, even a few inches deep, can hit vital organs to put you in critical condition or even be fatal. Pieces of warped metal from a truck accident can enter your body at high speed to cause puncture wounds.


A leaking fuel tank from your car or truck can catch fire and cause burns. If the truck carried a volatile compound, that could also catch fire and burn you. Serious burns may require surgery or skin grafts and could result in permanent disfigurement.

There are some injuries that are burn injuries, but you might not think of them as burns. For example, if a person slides across the road after an impact in a truck accident, they might suffer friction burns as they skid across the surface.

Calculating a Pasadena, MD Truck Accident Lawsuit

Your damages will be linked primarily to the seriousness of your injuries, but other factors will be considered. The ultimate amount of compensation you are given as damages is up to the jury. Below are some of the things that could factor into the calculation of damages in a truck accident lawsuit.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses will likely make up the bulk of your damages. Surgeries, physical therapy, and other hospital bills can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in a truck accident. Those expenses will be factored into your damages.

Lost Earning Potential

If you cannot do the same job you did before the accident, you might be awarded damages for lost earning potential. Personal injury lawsuits aim to bring the plaintiff back as close as possible to where they were before they were injured. If you cannot work, you cannot return to the same job. The way to get around this problem is to award damages for what you would have earned during your career were you not injured.

Pain and Mental Anguish

The pain of your injuries can be factored into your damages. Similarly, any fear, depression, or other mental trauma you have experienced because of the accident can increase the amount of damages you are awarded. Abstract concepts like “pain” or “fear” do not have dollar amounts attached to them, so you will need to convince the judge and jury of their worth in court.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are a special kind of damages that are rarely awarded. Most damages are meant to make the plaintiff whole again. Punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant for particularly bad conduct. The idea is to “send a message” to the defendant that their conduct is unacceptable and hopefully deter them from similar behavior in the future.

Who You Can Sue in a Pasadena, MD Truck Accident Lawsuit

You can sue the people responsible for your injuries. While you might initially think of the truck driver as the person responsible, there are other parties you should consider bringing into your lawsuit.

In addition to suing the driver, you should also sue the trucking company in most cases. The law allows employers to be sued for the negligent conduct of their employees as long as the employee was doing a work activity. If the trucker was underway delivering cargo when they hit you, their employer might also be liable. Moreover, the driver might be “judgment proof” or unable to adequately compensate you for your injuries. Trucking companies are much better positioned to rectify the plaintiff’s situation.

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