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A motorcycle accident can happen to anyone riding their bike, be that for recreation or as a primary method of transportation. A motorcycle’s small size makes it so that a rider is more vulnerable to serious injury than someone enclosed in an ordinary motor vehicle. Indeed, the injuries one can suffer from a motorcycle accident can be severe and very expensive to treat and live with.

Our attorneys can help you if you get hurt while riding your motorcycle. We can gather evidence, form a legal argument, talk to opposing counsel, insurance companies, and other parties, and do other important things in the lead-up to trial so you can focus on getting your life back on track and recovering from your injuries.

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Injuries From Motorcycle Crashes in Pasadena, MD

Motorcycles are often very badly injured when they get in accidents. This is because they do not have access to the same level of protection and safety features as someone driving a regular car, SUV, or pickup truck – even if they are wearing all appropriate safety gear. It can take a long time to recover from motorcycle accident injuries, and even then, a recovery may not be completely back to the rider’s original state before getting in an accident.

Head and Brain Injuries

Brain damage and other injuries to the head are very common in motorcycle accidents. True, helmets do protect against injury – but only to a point. There are many accidents where the impact forces at play simply overpower what a DOT-approved helmet is rated for.

Mild traumatic brain injuries, more commonly called concussions, are quite common in motorcycle accidents where something impacts the head. Although they are called “mild,” the consequences of a concussion are anything but. You may experience memory loss, irritability, or sensitivity to light and sound, and those side effects may not be temporary. More serious TBIs can lead to the loss of basic motor functions or even death.

Nerve Damage

The spinal cord is another area that frequently is injured in motorcycle accidents. Blows to the head can also result in damage to the neck and back. While this could result in a “less serious” injury like whiplash, it could also cause significant nerve damage. You could experience pain, tingling sensations, or numbness in the part of the body the affected nerves control. In the worst cases, damage to the spinal cord and column can lead to partial or full paralysis.

Cutting and Puncturing Wounds

Cuts and puncture wounds are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of motorcycle accidents, but they happen all the time because of broken shards of glass, warped metal, and other sharp objects.

Deep, serious cuts will require stitches to heal properly, and even then, you can end up with nasty scars or other disfigurements. In some cases, a “cut” can take off a digit like a finger or toe. Puncture wounds are actually much harder to mend because it is tougher to stop bleeding, and penetration of just a few inches past the skin can lead to internal organ damage.


Any hard impact – like those experienced in a motorcycle crash – can lead to bruising. The dark discoloration of a bruise on the surface is caused by crushed blood vessels pooling blood underneath the skin. Albeit quite painful, bruises generally do not require specific medical care. However, extensive bruising over a large area can be indicative of much more serious injuries, such as hematoma or other forms of internal bleeding.


Broken bones are another common injury in motorcycle accidents. You will almost certainly need a splint, cast, sling, or other immobilizing device to allow a broken limb to heal properly. Compound fractures – where the bone breaks through the skin or breaks in multiple places – may even require emergency surgery. Additionally, you may need to undergo strength training or change your diet in order to regain strength in a broken limb after months of nonuse.

Stereotypes in Pasadena, MD Motorcycle Accident Cases

There is an unfair stereotype in the United States about motorcyclists, characterizing them as reckless and not concerned about their own safety. The concept of wearing a helmet or other safety gear is sometimes perceived as “uncool” by people who do not know much about motorcycles.

The reality could not be more different. The vast majority of motorcycle riders are very safety-conscious and take a great deal of care in procuring appropriate helmets and other safety-minded attire. However, defense attorneys may try to make you look more like the stereotype in order to hurt your claim. Our lawyers will ensure that such a characterization does not happen and that you are treated fairly in court.

Helmet Laws for Motorcycles in Pasadena, MD

A helmet is the most important part of a motorcyclist’s safety equipment. Accordingly, Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306(b) requires motorcyclists to wear helmets when riding their bikes. Failure to wear a helmet is not only against the law, but it can significantly increase the seriousness of injuries you may sustain in your motorcycle crash.

Because it is against the law, some plaintiffs may be worried that failure to wear a helmet can be used against them in court. The good news is that, under Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306(e) makes it so that failure to wear a helmet cannot be brought up in court unless it is directly relevant to the lawsuit.

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