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Someone you love passing away unexpectedly can lead to shock, sadness, rage, despair, or any other number of intense emotions. No one really knows for sure how they will react to losing someone they care about until it happens, so all reactions are valid. When you suspect that the death happened because someone else was negligent, you may also be moved to seek justice for what happened to the deceased.

At our office, we know how delicate wrongful death lawsuits can be. Our attorneys have represented many plaintiffs who lost loved ones too soon because of negligence, and we are ready to lend our experience, professionalism, and determination to represent you in your claim, no matter what it takes.

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How Can a Pasadena, MD Wrongful Death Attorney Help You with Your Case?

Most people know about how lawyers can represent you at trial. However, there are many other helpful things that our wrongful death attorneys can do when working with you to move your wrongful death claim forward.

Compile Information

Gathering evidence from all kinds of sources is an incredibly important part of preparing any lawsuit, including wrongful death claims. You will need to get medical records, accident reports, police reports, and a potential myriad of other sources of physical information to build a case. Moreover, our attorneys will need to speak with eyewitnesses, expert witnesses, and other parties relevant to your case. Gathering that information can be very intensive and take a very long time, so it is critical to have experienced legal professionals doing that task.

Talk to Adverse Parties

Another important thing that our lawyers can do for you is to speak with opposing parties in your lawsuit. This includes the defendants, opposing counsel, and likely other parties who do not want a favorable outcome for your case. Discussing your claim with these parties yourself is a bad idea for many different reasons.

First, it is easy to inadvertently hurt your case when you discuss things with these parties yourself. Insurance providers, opposing lawyers, and defendants will be looking to twist what you say or otherwise find something that can be used against you. Our lawyers know how to deal with this, so it is better to have us speak on your behalf.

Perhaps more importantly, it can be emotionally difficult to talk to adverse parties who may have caused the death of your loved one. It will likely be extremely difficult to separate feelings from the legal needs of the moment. Our attorneys have the professionalism and separation to handle these situations better. Additionally, having our lawyers do this work lets you focus on the important work of grieving, mourning, and getting a grip on things.

Negotiate Potential Settlements

Finding the defendant liable is not the only way to get financial compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. The defendant may very well try to “settle” the case out of court. A settlement is an agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant to resolve the matter without going to trial. This has many benefits, including speeding up the process and incurring less expense since attorneys will not be on your payroll for as long. That being said, it is very important to critically examine any settlement offer you get before accepting it so that you ensure it meets your needs. If it does meet your needs, you should seriously consider taking the offer. One of the main benefits of settling a case is that the outcome is certain, as opposed to a trial where the jury ultimately decides what happens. However, you always have the ability to go to court if you want to, and our lawyers can advise you on the best route to take for your particular claim.

Go to Court

Of course, our lawyers are more than ready and able to take your case all the way to trial against those who caused the death of your loved one. We will fight hard to convince the judge and jury that you are owed the compensation you are asking for.

Lending an Ear

This is not necessarily a legal-specific task, but our attorneys are sympathetic to how tough the circumstances surrounding a wrongful death action can be. Accordingly, we can lend a compassionate ear to whatever it is you need to say when we are also working on your wrongful death lawsuit.

Damages in Pasadena, MD Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The goal of a civil case is to get damages to offset your injuries. Here, the injury is not a medical emergency or property damage but the effects of a loved one dying because of negligence. The idea behind damages is to put the plaintiff back where they were before the incident took place. However, that cannot happen in the literal sense because the deceased cannot be brought back to life. Therefore, financial compensation to offset the loss of the deceased’s presence is what you will be awarded as damages.

Offsetting a deceased loved one’s absence can take many forms. You can be compensated for funeral costs and associated expenses as well as losing the deceased as a source of income. Additionally, if the deceased individual provided care to some number of people, you can get compensation based on that lost care. You can also seek damages for less tangible things, like the mental, emotional, and psychological effects of losing a loved one suddenly. The deceased’s estate can also be reimbursed for what the victim would have been able to sue for if they had lived, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills before death.

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