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Have you been injured by someone else’s negligence or intentional actions? Were you required to miss time at work to care for your injuries? Do you have medical bills piling up due to those injuries? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a personal injury claim. Call a Cecil County personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

About Personal Injuries in Maryland

What is a personal injury case? A personal injury case is a legal claim that one person brings when they suffer harm from an accident or injury that someone else might be legally responsible for causing. A personal injury claim is a civil action brought in court that seeks to find another claimed person liable to pay for your injuries. There are two outcomes of a claim and that is a verdict is entered into in court or a settlement is reached outside of court. Settlement is how the majority of personal injury claims get settled. They often involve negotiation, followed by an agreement in writing that both parties then sign.

Personal injury claims are complicated. There can be many steps that need to be done from filing paperwork with the court to collecting the evidence needed to present in court. Laws differ from state to state and even county to county in Maryland. There are also many different types of personal injury claims that can be brought. Some include product liability, slip and fall, car accidents and medical malpractice. Don’t fret over the details. Allow a Cecil County personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable of the legal landscape handle your case.

Calculating Your Personal Injury Claim

Maryland is one of a few contributory state’s in the country. This means that when calculating fault and damages for accidents if you, as the person bringing the suit, is even one percent at fault, you are barred from recovery. This is in comparison to a comparative liability state that awards the plaintiff the percentage of damages that they were not at fault for the accident. So, if the court found the plaintiff was thirty percent at fault, the most they could recover would be seventy percent of the damages sought.

Being in an accident in a contributory negligence state can make recovering damages difficult. However, at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice we have the experience it takes to estimate before you step into court the amount of damages that is possible to recover. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases and have the skills it takes to have a successful personal injury case in Cecil County.

The Role of a Cecil County Personal Injury Lawyer

When you hire a personal injury attorney you should expect to get the best representation possible. If you think that you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, call a Cecil County personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Once we have discussed your case and decide to proceed, an experienced attorney will walk you through the process to come and begin to work on filing your claim in court.

We understand that when you are injured, there are many things on your plate to deal with. Allow a skilled attorney to take some of that responsibility and ensure that you get the best compensation possible for your injuries. This may mean going to court for you or negotiating outside of court to get the best settlement for you. Come talk to a Cecil County personal injury lawyer today.

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If you have been injured, don’t put off speaking with a personal injury attorney. At the Law Offices of Randolph Rice we offer you a free consultation to talk about your injuries and possible outcomes of your claim. We are experienced attorneys who know the local landscape and best strategies for getting you the compensation you deserve. Call a Cecil County Personal Injury Lawyer today.

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