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A car accident can change your life in an instant. If you were injured in a car accident, you might now face serious medical bills, you might miss work, and you might have immense pain and suffering to deal with. Especially if the car accident caused you permanent injuries or took the life of a loved one, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for the crash.

The Middle River, MD car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice represent injury victims and their families, and we work to get them the compensation they deserve. Instead of relying on insurance companies after a car accident, contact our lawyers today to learn more about how you might be entitled to take your case to court and file a lawsuit to seek expanded damages and higher values. For a free case consultation, contact us today at (410) 694-7291.

When to File a Lawsuit for Car Accident Injuries in Middle River, MD

Drivers in every state are required to carry car insurance, Maryland included. This means that when there is an accident, there is usually insurance to cover the crash. However, insurance policies do not always provide coverage for all of your needs after a crash. As such, you might need to talk to a lawyer and file your case in court instead to open up additional areas of damages and higher values to cover your injuries.

In most insurance policies, there are limits as to how much of your damages the policy will cover. Some policies pay only a percentage of the medical bills and lost wages you face after a crash, not the full value. Moreover, nearly all policies exclude damages for pain and suffering, meaning that an insurance claim automatically comes short of fully covering your needs.

If you file your case in court, you might be able to claim the full value of any damages you faced. You can also claim other areas of damages like pain and suffering, allowing you to get noneconomic harms covered as well as economic harms.

If you have serious injuries, a large portion of your overall damages might come from things like pain and suffering damages. Talk to a lawyer about whether filing your case as an insurance claim will be sufficient or whether you should try to file your claim in court instead.

Proving Fault in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Middle River

When you file your car accident claim as a lawsuit, you must prove that the other driver was at fault. Typically, car accident claims are based on claims of negligence. While you can certainly sue someone who intentionally hits you with their car, most car crashes do not involve intentional acts aimed at injuring other drivers. Instead, the claim states that the at-fault driver failed to use the proper care or skill necessary behind the wheel and that the driver’s actions or inactions caused your injuries.

In most car accident claims, the mistakes and errors that you point to as evidence of the other driver’s negligence will include traffic violations. Some of the clearest reasons that a driver would be held at fault for a crash include speeding, drunk driving, or texting while driving. Drivers can also be held liable for errors that do not precisely violate a traffic law – such as being distracted by an intense conversation with a passenger. If the driver in any way failed to give driving the proper care and attention it needs, they can be held liable for causing the crash.

To prove that the other driver caused the crash, you will usually need to supply evidence. Even something as simple as your testimony about what you saw and what happened leading up to the crash is excellent evidence, and additional testimony from other witnesses can help strengthen this evidence. Photos of the damaged vehicles and the scene of the crash will also help show the court what happened and show why the other driver was at fault. If you can get a hold of traffic camera footage or if you have a dash cam, these supply fantastic evidence of what the other driver did wrong.

Damages in a Middle River Car Crash Case

If you were injured in the crash, you could be entitled to compensation for any damages stemming from the accident. Most car accident claims include claims for medical bills to treat the injuries, lost wages to cover time off at work, and pain and suffering damages to pay for the physical and mental effects of the crash.

These damages can usually be claimed at their full value. The purpose of damages in a car accident lawsuit is to restore the victim, as much as possible, to the condition they were in before the crash. That means that any economic harm they faced – such as medical bills and lost wages – should be paid for in full. It also means that any noneconomic harms should be reversed.

The court does not know how much your damages are worth unless they see evidence of these damages. That means you will need to produce medical bills, pay stubs, financial statements, and other evidence of the economic harms you faced. For the noneconomic damages, your testimony and other information can help prove the value of the damages.

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If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident in the Middle River, MD area, call the Law Offices of Randolph Rice. Our Middle River, MD car accident lawyers represent injury victims and work to get them the compensation they deserve after a car crash. For a free case consultation, call us today at (410) 694-7291. Act quickly – your case might have strict deadlines you need to follow.


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