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Whether you are walking to work, doing an errand, or simply going out for a stroll, you probably do not think of yourself as a “pedestrian” when you are going about your day. At least, that is, until someone negligently strikes you with their car. When pedestrians are hit by cars – even cars moving at slow speeds – they can get seriously hurt and require urgent medical care, generating enormous amounts of medical debt. That is to say nothing of the potential lingering effects of injuries that victims of pedestrian accidents will have to deal with.

You can get justice and financial compensation after a pedestrian accident. Our legal team has handled many of these cases before, so we know what information you need to build a strong argument to prove those who wronged you liable in court.

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What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Rosedale

There are steps you can take after you are involved in a pedestrian accident that may be able to improve your future legal claims in court. However, the circumstances surrounding each incident will be different, so do not worry if you were not able to do some or all of the things listed here. Our pedestrian accident lawyers will be able to help you and fill in any gaps in the process.

Get Medical Attention

Getting proper medical attention is the most important thing you can do after a pedestrian accident. If you are incapacitated by your injuries, this step will be taken care of for you by emergency responders, and you will not be able to do other things after the crash. That is ok, as our attorneys can always help you get any information or details you missed after the fact.

Collect Information

If, after first responders examine you, you are cleared to stick around after the accident, you should try and get as much information as you can. Take many photos and videos of the accident and the surrounding area, and record the statements of anyone who saw the accident happen. Additionally, be sure to get the name, insurance information, license plate number, and other details of any drivers involved in the crash. Finally, be sure to speak to any police officers who respond to the crash, as they can take your statement and incorporate it into their police report.

If you are not able to stick around after the accident or miss any pieces of information, you should not be worried. You can always obtain missed information from sources like a police report, hospitals, and other parties that our attorneys can contact for information.

Call Our Lawyers

Finally, you should call our office as soon as you are able after your accident. A personal injury lawsuit is not something you can wait to file. Under Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, you have three years from when you are injured to file your claim. This law is known as a “statute of limitations.” Once that three-year time is up, courts will not hear your claim, and you will not be able to be awarded any damages.

Three years may seem like a long time, but when you take into account the time it takes to recover from injuries, collect information, and do other things, that time can easily get away from you. Therefore, you should start the legal process as quickly as you can.

Who Can You Sue After a Pedestrian Accident in Rosedale?

After you have started talking with our attorneys about your accident, you have to figure out what parties you are going to file your lawsuit against. In law, you can recover damages from parties you can prove negligently caused your injuries. A party is negligent when they do not act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. When we go over the information about your accident, we can determine who to sue and how to leave alone so you can file the most effective lawsuit possible.


The driver who hit you should almost always be included in a pedestrian accident lawsuit. You can show that a diver was negligent by providing evidence that they violated a traffic law by speeding, driving under the influence, or doing other prohibited behavior. You can also show that a driver was negligent if they did something unreasonable, but not necessarily against the law. Whether a driver is reasonable or not is determined by the jury, so we will make sure you have a strong argument to back up your claims.

In addition to the driver who hit you, you may also be able to include other drivers involved in the crash. For example, suppose one driver makes another driver take evasive maneuvers, and the second driver ends up hitting you in the process. Depending on the facts of the situation, you may want to include both of those drivers in your lawsuit as defendants.

Car Companies

If a problem with the car that hit you contributed to your accident, you can sue the companies responsible for manufacturing and designing that car. For example, if the car had a faulty rear axle that caused it to spin out of control, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of that component or the car company in your lawsuit.

Property Owners

If you were hurt on someone else’s property, you may be able to sue the property owner for dangerous conditions that led to your accident. For example, if you got hit by a car in a parking lot with insufficient lighting, the owner of the relevant store may be liable for your injuries.

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