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Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are used by thousands of people every day as a convenient method of transportation. Whether you are going to work or heading to a night out, these services can get you where you need to be for the day without the hassle of finding a parking spot or picking someone to be a designated driver. Unfortunately, Uber drivers are no less likely to be involved in car crashes than anyone else. Just like in other car crashes, people can end up very badly hurt and need serious medical attention, which may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can sue for financial compensation if you got negligently hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident. One way you can do this is by going through insurance providers for either the relevant rideshare service provider or for the third-party driver who injured you. If that does not work, you can sue various parties in court to prove that they negligently caused your injuries.

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Who Can You Sue in Rosedale Uber & Lyft Crash Cases?

An important step in the early stages of your accident claim is to sit down with our Uber & Lyft accident lawyers and figure out what parties you are going to sue. You may very well be suing multiple defendants, but that does not mean that you should sue anything and everything. The law only allows you to recover damages from parties that caused your injuries, so including frivolous parties in your claim is not beneficial to a positive outcome.

Notably, it is extremely likely that you will not be able to sue Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare company in your claim. Under the law, you are able to sue employers for the negligent conduct of their employees under “respondeat superior.” However, Uber drivers are independent contractors, not employees, so liability will not transfer over. Some of the parties you may want to sue in your claim include:

Your Rideshare Driver

If the driver of your rideshare vehicle had a hand in causing your accident, you should sue them. You can prove that an Uber driver was negligent the same way that you prove negligence on the part of other drivers. Things like driving under the influence, speeding, going through traffic signage and lights, and other traffic law violations are negligent acts. Additionally, if the jury finds that the driver did not act as a reasonable driver would have under the circumstances, regardless of their adherence to traffic laws, they can still be found negligent.

Other Drivers

It very well may be the case that your rideshare driver was doing everything they were supposed to, and an oncoming vehicle caused the crash. In those cases, you should sue the other driver for your injuries, not the Uber/Lyft driver.

Car Designers and Manufacturers

Sometimes, both drivers are doing what they are supposed to, but a problem with one of the vehicles involved in the accident is the culprit. In those cases, the vehicle can be considered defective, and you can sue the party responsible for the defects. One way of determining what party you should sue is figuring out whether the problem is with the design of the vehicle or if the problem occurred at some later point. For example, if there is a serious issue “baked into” a vehicle’s design such that even a model made exactly to specifications will be dangerous, that car can be said to have a design defect, and you can sue the company that designed the car. On the other hand, if the problem occurred because of some mistake made along the way, you can sue the car manufacturer.

What Compensation Can I Get After Uber & Lyft Crashes in Rosedale

When you file your claim, you are going to request damages from the defendant. In personal injury cases, “damages” are the court’s way of attempting to put the plaintiff back where they were both physically and financially before they got hurt in an accident. Courts obviously cannot undo permanent injuries or give time back to plaintiffs, so financial payouts get used as a proxy.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages will likely make up the bulk of what you request in damages in your claim. These damages are meant to “make you whole” and get you back where you were before the crash – at least financially.

Common things plaintiffs seek compensatory damages for include medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. However, you can also get compensatory damages for things that are less immediately tangible, such as physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional distress brought on by the crash. While things like medical bills can be evidenced through documentation, there is not going to be a bill for something like emotional distress, so you will need to determine the worth of those things with the help of our legal team.

Punitive Damages

You may also be able to get punitive damages depending on the circumstances of your claim. These damages are not intended to compensate you and make you whole again. They are intended to punish particularly bad defendants. There are two requirements for punitive damages in Maryland. First, you need to request them when you first file your claim. Second, you need to show that the defendant was more than merely negligent. Seeking punitive damages does not make sense in every case, so it is good practice to discuss that prospect with our lawyers to see if seeking them makes sense for you.

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