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In the United States, motorcycles are associated with thrills, fun, and free spirits. However, they are also sometimes associated with extreme danger. Sadly, there is some truth to that assumption. Motorcyclists, even when wearing protective gear, are much more vulnerable than people driving regular motor vehicles. Because of this, people riding motorcycles often get badly injured in crashes and other accidents.

However, you do not need to deal with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident alone. People like our lawyers can help you navigate the difficult road ahead. Let us deal with insurance companies and defendants while building your claim, which lets you focus your efforts on recovering from any injuries you sustained.

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Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes in Severna Park, MD

People riding motorcycles, even when wearing full safety gear, are vulnerable when compared to people who are driving regular motor vehicles. In many ways, they are closer to a pedestrian in the level of protection they have because they are exposed to the elements as opposed to being safely in a vehicle cabin. For that reason, injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be quite serious.


Broken bones can happen in any motor vehicle accident, but motorcycles are more likely to have limbs and other bones broken because they are more directly exposed to a motor vehicle impact. All fractures will likely require a sling, cast, or another immobilization device to properly heal. More complex breaks like compound fractures may require surgery on top of other procedures to heal fully.

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a real concern in motorcycle crashes, even when the motorcycle rider is wearing an appropriate helmet. The impact forces present in motorcycle crashes often outclass the protective qualities of helmets and other safety equipment. For that reason, concussions and other TBIs are frequent among victims of motorcycle accidents.

A “mild” TBI, like a concussion, still has serious side effects like memory loss, sensitivity to light and sound, and mood swings. More severe traumatic brain injuries could result in loss of motor function, paralysis, or even death.

Cuts and Puncture Wounds

While they may not be the first thing to come to mind, cutting and puncturing wounds can happen in motorcycle accidents. Shattered glass and bits of broken metal can cut into and go through a person.

Cuts can leave nasty scars and virtually always require stitching to heal. Puncture wounds, although superficially less grisly, are actually much more dangerous because they only need to penetrate a few inches into the body to cause serious damage. Additionally, puncture wounds are harder to shut and stop bleeding than cuts.

What Damages Can I Be Awarded in a Severna Park, MD Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

When you file your case, you are ultimately looking to be awarded damages from the defendant. The idea behind damages in personal injury cases is to give the victim back what they lost because of their injuries. For that reason, each plaintiff’s damages will be different. Damages can generally be classified as economic, non-economic, or punitive damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages come from things that can have their value easily displayed – relative to other kinds of damages. This category includes things like medical bills, property damage, and other expenses that can have their value shown in some sort of receipt or other record.

Economic damages also include lost wages and income. You can be awarded damages for missed time at work, being forced to take a lower-paying job, or being unable to work altogether because of your injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

Things with a less tangible value fall under the category of non-economic damages. This category includes things like physical pain and the mental toll of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Of course, there is no bill or invoice for how much an injury hurts, so their value is somewhat up in the air. You need to demonstrate the value of these things to the court with the help of our motorcycle accident lawyers.

Punitive Damages

Thus far, we have discussed “compensatory” damages, which are based on your expenses and experiences stemming from a motorcycle crash. Punitive damages, by contrast, are based on the defendant’s actions. You have to prove that the defendant was more than just merely negligent in order to be awarded these damages. Doing that can be tough, so you should talk about it with our attorneys.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Severna Park, MD

Many plaintiffs injured in motorcycle collisions may have concerns about Maryland’s helmet laws, especially if they were not wearing one. Under Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306(b), all persons must wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle within the state.

However, failure to wear a helmet should not dissuade you from filing a lawsuit. Indeed, many victims of crashes who were not wearing helmets may be more severely injured than individuals who were following the law. For that reason, Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306(2) makes it so that the fact that the plaintiff was not wearing a helmet cannot be mentioned in a lawsuit unless the helmet is directly at issue. For example, if a plaintiff alleges that a helmet did not properly protect them, then the defense can certainly bring up the fact that the plaintiff was not wearing a helmet. However, that is the exception, not the rule.

Additionally, failure to wear a helmet cannot be used as evidence of contributory negligence to diminish your recovery.

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