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A broad range of accidents and injury cases are considered personal injury claims. If you suffered physical harm or injury directly from another’s behavior, call a lawyer to discuss how you can get financial compensation.

Personal injuries can sometimes be hard to deal with legally because the field encompasses a vast assortment of injuries and accidents. Our legal team has experience with various personal injury cases, including auto collisions, defective goods, work injuries, and many more. A lawyer can assist you in finding evidence and handling much of the preparations for your case while you recover from your injuries. Damages might be quite extensive, with significant medical bills and a heavy toll on your physical and emotional well-being. It is best to speak to a lawyer and begin preparing your claims as soon as possible, as there is a limited time plaintiffs must submit their claims to court before they expire.

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Possible Personal Injury Claims in Severna Park

If you experienced physical injuries because of someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior but are unsure what kind of legal claims you can assert, there is a good chance you have a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims typically involve some physical injury. For example, being hurt in an accident or because someone intentionally attacked you might leave you with a valid personal injury claim. If you believe someone wronged you or violated your rights, but they did not physically injure you, you should talk to an attorney as you might have a different kind of claim on your hands.

Our personal injury attorneys have experience with numerous personal injury claims and cases, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Dangerous Property Conditions
  • Work Injuries
  • Amusement Park Accidents

How your injuries occurred is a major component of your claims and may influence the direction of your case and our legal strategy. Additionally, the nature of your claim can direct us to the defendant’s identity, which is not always obvious right away.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Severna Park Can Help You

Although plaintiffs are sometimes tempted to navigate the legal process on their own, often out of fear of supposedly high legal fees, hiring an attorney is in your best interest. An attorney can help you find evidence to support your claims and increase your odds of getting compensation. Without an attorney, you might save money on legal fees, but you are less likely to get compensation, and you might be saddled with serious debts from medical bills and other expenses.

Finding evidence is rarely easy, even with the help of a skilled lawyer. Evidence is notoriously unpredictable. While some are lucky enough to obtain plenty of evidence rather quickly, others must scrounge for even the slightest hint of evidentiary support. Your lawyer should be able to use the facts of your case to determine the likeliest sources of powerful evidence. Things like physical evidence from accident scenes, photos, witnesses, and medical records are good places to begin your search.

A major advantage of having an attorney handle your case is that they can do much of the heavy lifting while you recover from your injuries. The last thing anyone wants to do while recovering from painful injuries is navigate a complex lawsuit. Your attorney can assess your damages, find evidence, and communicate with the defendant’s attorneys while you are recuperating.

Damages You Can Claim in Your Severna Park Personal Injury Case

Your personal injury will likely revolve around your damages. Damages are more than just your physical injuries, although they are a very significant portion of your damages. Damages may encompass injuries, losses, expenses, and painful experiences that directly resulted from the accident in your case. It is often the case that plaintiffs are not fully aware of how extensive their damages are until they speak with an attorney.

Medical bills are a major concern in personal injury claims, even when injuries are minor, and treatment is minimal. Medical care is incredibly expensive, and even a single trip to the emergency room is too costly for a lot of people. If your injuries require extensive treatment or ongoing care, you can claim significant damages.

“Pain and suffering” is a somewhat vague term that refers to various negative experiences surrounding your accident and injuries. Of course, physical pain from your injuries is included here, but so is emotional anguish or psychological trauma. In particularly scary cases, like bad car accidents, people are often badly traumatized and might spend years working through their trauma.

Your accident might have taken a toll on your professional life and career aspirations. For example, if you are a small business owner or sole proprietor, you might lose significant business while recovering from your injuries. If you can no longer perform your job, you might see your professional reputation tarnished, and your career trajectory might change. These losses should be accounted for in your non-economic damages.

When You Should Begin a Personal Injury Case in Severna Park

Most potential plaintiffs struggle with the decision to file a lawsuit. While it is reasonable to take some time to think it over, you should speak with an attorney and file your claims as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you assess your claim and determine whether you have a strong case.

You should consider beginning a personal injury lawsuit when someone else’s actions lead to your injuries. People often assume that nobody is to blame if injuries result from an accident. On the contrary, even when accidents and injuries are unintentional, the person who caused them should be held accountable for their negligence.

You should begin your case sooner rather than later to avoid running afoul of the statute of limitations. In Maryland, there is a 3-year deadline to file personal injury lawsuits. The clock starts counting down on the day your injuries occurred in most cases. Under very specific circumstances, you might be able to buy more time by tolling the statute. Talk to an attorney as soon as possible so you can prepare and file your claims before the deadline expires.

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