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Being injured at work because of unsafe conditions is unacceptable. Injured employees should speak to an attorney about legal options that might help them get the compensation they are entitled to.

Work injuries are often caused by intentional negligence or generally unsafe conditions, but that does not mean someone cannot be held responsible. While insurance can help injured workers cover some of their damages, a lawsuit might help them recover the full extent of their damages while also holding the wrongdoer accountable. Damages might include various monetary expenses and losses, including lost income and medical expenses, in addition to non-economic damages, like emotional and physical pain. We need to gather proof before you get compensation. Evidence might include details from the accident scene, like security camera footage, witnesses, and photographs.

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Legal Options for Compensation After a Work Injury in Severna Park, MD

Work injuries might occur under a wide variety of circumstances in innumerable workplaces. While each case is unique, injured employees often have similar legal options. You should always discuss these options with an attorney, but two options tend to be the most popular. First, you might cover some damages by filing an insurance claim. Second, you can recover damages by filing a lawsuit.


Depending on how your work injuries occurred, they might be covered by an insurance policy. Who holds the policy might also vary based on the circumstances. For example, in many cases, employers carry insurance that covers employees in case of accidents. In other cases, employees might be responsible for obtaining their own insurance, or they can use their own insurance if their employer’s policy does not cover them.

For example, in many cases, injured employees file Workers’ Compensation claims through their employer’s insurance. Employers are required to have this insurance, and it often covers injured workers regardless of who actually caused the accident. This insurance often does not apply to independent contractors, who might need to file claims through their own insurance. Health insurance, if any, may be used to cover some of your medical expenses.

File a Lawsuit

Whether or not insurance is an option for you, you should still talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits often allow successful plaintiffs to recover the full spectrum of their damages, including many damages that might not be covered by insurance. For example, pain, suffering, and other non-economic damages are sometimes excluded from insurance coverage.

The process of a lawsuit often takes longer than an insurance claim, but the end result is often worth the wait. Not only can our work injury attorneys help you recover for the many financial losses you suffered (e.g., medical bills, lost wages), but we can also help you recover for the psychological and emotional toll the accident took on your life.

Options for Damages in Severna Park, MD Work Injury Cases

As briefly touched on above, damages in work injury cases may span a wide spectrum of damages, including monetary losses and emotional or mental anguish. While many plaintiffs are aware of bigger damages like medical bills, they are often unaware of a multitude of smaller, less obvious damages. An attorney can help you assess the full extent of your damages so that you get full and fair compensation.

Immediately after being injured on the job, you should seek medical care. Unfortunately, even treatment for minor injuries tends to be expensive, and injured workers are often saddled with expensive medical bills they cannot afford. The costs might only increase over time if you need ongoing or future care for your injuries. On top of that, many accident victims cannot return to work and lose income that would otherwise be used to help pay for medical bills and normal living expenses. These costs should be added to your overall damages.

Non-economic injuries might also be severe, even if they do not technically come with a price tag attached. For example, the pain and suffering you experienced from your accident, both mental and physical, should not be disregarded. Also, you might have experienced deep humiliation or even damage to your professional reputation because of the accident. We can help you evaluate these claims and persuade a jury to award you compensation for all you have endured.

Using Evidence to Establish Your Claims of Work Injuries in Severna Park, MD

Proving your work injury claims requires evidence, and evidence is not always easy to obtain. Remember, a lack of evidence in your case does not mean your claims are invalid. It does mean we might have a harder time proving your case, and we may need to rely on less evidence to get by.

Workplace accidents are often caught on camera. It is common for various businesses and workplaces to be monitored by security cameras. When accidents happen, and workers are hurt, security cameras often record much of what happens. It is important that we get these videos quickly. If your employer does not immediately take steps to preserve this footage (which they should do for various reasons), it might be deleted and lost forever.

We can also rely on witnesses to testify about how the accident happened. Coworkers often make excellent witnesses as they might have seen the accident unfold before their very eyes. Alternatively, even if your coworkers did not witness the accident, they might have first-hand knowledge of the unsafe conditions or business practices that caused the accident.

Speaking of unsafe business practices, we might find evidence that your employer failed to maintain a safe work environment by examining certain business records. These records may reflect that necessary maintenance was not performed or that adequate safety gear was not provided.

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