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Should You Go to the Emergency Room (ER) After a Car Accident in Maryland?

The kind of doctor you see after a car accident in Maryland depends on the circumstances and the severity of your crash. If you are injured in a car accident in Maryland, you may not have the choice whether you go to E.R. or your family doctor.
If you sustain serious injuries, you may be transported by ambulance from the accident scene to the emergency room. If you sustain life-threatening injuries on the congested I-695 around Baltimore, you may be airlifted to a local intensive care unit. You won’t get to choose your medical provider if you are unconscious or seriously hurt.
Baltimore car accident lawyer Randolph Rice discusses when you should seek medical attention, an ambulance to the ER, or see a doctor after a crash in Maryland.

When Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

If you sustain light to moderate injuries you may opt not to accept EMS transportation. Nevertheless, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Insurance companies look out for any delay in seeking treatment to minimize the seriousness of your injury in a later claim.
A more important question than what kind of doctor you see after a Maryland car accident is when you see a doctor after a car accident in Maryland. See a medical provider as soon as possible even if your symptoms are not severe. If you wait for weeks to see a doctor and ignore niggling pain it will likely jeopardize any personal injury claim or lawsuit brought down the line.
If your condition is not life-threatening, you should consider visiting your family doctor. Your family practitioner has access to all of your medical records and the process can be more seamless.
There are some advantages of being taken to the emergency room shortly after your car crash including the following. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyer can assist you with any questions or legal concerns you may have regarding this process.

What Happens When the ER Treats You After a Maryland Car Accident?

If an ambulance takes you to a hospital you:

  • Are likely to be treated more quickly than if you walk into an E.R.
  • Gain access to MRI and CT facilities that can diagnose more serious conditions;
  • Can be referred more quickly to specialists who can diagnose and treat specific conditions
  • Have faster access to surgeons
  • Use an on-site pharmacy.

Alternatively, seek the services of an urgent care doctor instead of going to the emergency room. the decision is a personal one but you should follow up if you were hurt by another driver. When an insurance company looks at your claim the adjuster will be looking for a continuum of care.
Settlements are typically higher for people who suffer ongoing complications from their injuries. Ask your family doctor for a referral to a specialist if you suffer from likely complications like spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

Which Injuries Require a Visit to the Emergency Room in Maryland?

You shouldn’t take a chance with certain injuries and symptoms. Go straight to the emergency room if you have the following symptoms. If you are not sure, get checked out anyway.
If you decide to go to an emergency care facility you should be aware it is likely not be equipped with the equipment required to treat serious injuries from a high impact car wreck.

  • Serious pain and restricted movement consistent with a fracture
  • Any loss of consciousness
  • Injuries to your back or neck
  • Deep cuts or abrasions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Painful burn injuries
  • Pains in your chest or heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Paralysis or loss of feeling
  • Vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Seizures

Should You Visit a Specialist for Car Crash Injuries in Maryland?

If you suffer ongoing complications, seek help from a specialist. Your doctor should refer you but push for a referral if you have ongoing issues. Although some people recover quickly after a car accident, there are many potential complications.
Neck and spinal injuries can be particularly troublesome because of the complex network of nerve cells and support cells in and around the spine. Even a common neck injury can cause ongoing issues.
For instance, whiplash is a very common problem suffered by car accident victims. This condition typically requires treatment from an orthopedic specialist, a physical therapist, or a chiropractor. Seek a consultation with an orthopedic office if you suffer from any of the following:

Pain after an accident can indicate whiplash or a more serious condition. A chiropractor can help deal with pain by aligning and adjusting your spine. Consider having an MRI if the pain continues.

What to Do if You Suffer from PTSD or Anxiety After a Car Accident in Maryland

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological problems often set in after a car accident in Maryland. About 9 percent of car crash victims suffer from PTSD. Insurance companies routinely try to dismiss or talk down psychological issues.
They will try to claim you suffered from these conditions before the accident. Even if you suffered from conditions like depression, a car wreck can exacerbate the symptoms. People may suffer flashbacks and be terrified to get back behind the wheel again.
If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you should see a therapist, a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse. Emotional trauma forms part of the pain and suffering damages you can claim against the driver who caused the crash.
Mood changes, depression, and other cognitive problems can be caused by a traumatic brain injury. It’s important to get tested for the symptoms of a possible mild traumatic brain injury. Even mild traumatic brain injuries can be permanent and require a lifetime of medical help.

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, our experienced Maryland car accident attorneys will advise you on whether you are receiving the correct medical treatment and the right kind of doctor. We are not medical professionals.
Your diagnosis is a matter for your doctor. However, we can advise you when to see a doctor and alert you to any potential gaps in treatment that can harm your lawsuit. Please contact our Maryland car accident team today for a free consultation.