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Who is Liable For a Car Accident Caused by Black Ice in Maryland?

No one likes driving in bad weather. During the coldest months of the year, roads can become very dangerous and many people feel anxious when driving in wintry mixed conditions. it is best to avoid driving in these conditions, but there are times that one cannot resist. 

Each year, about 2,000 people die in car accidents due to icy or snow-covered roads. 

A driver makes the decision of whether or not they get behind a steering wheel in inclement weather. With this being said, a driver is responsible for their actions and what happens on the road. 

What Makes Black Ice So Dangerous?

Black ice is extremely dangerous due to its transparent appearance. the ice is so thin, therefore, it is hard to see as it looks just like regular cement. This ice is extremely hard to see when driving a vehicle, which makes it difficult to avoid driving over it. 

What Are the Causes of Black Ice Accidents?

Accidents that are caused by black ice occur each winter. Many people either avoid driving in dangerous weather conditions or drive with extreme precaution. Tightly gripping onto your steering wheel while anxiously driving through a winter storm will not keep you from colliding with other drivers!

If you need to drive in bad weather, drive with caution. it is in your best interest to keep calm and drive responsibly to protect yourself, and others from injuries. 

The main causes of collisions due to black ice are driver errors. Most of the time, these accidents occur because a driver was speeding, texting and driving, driving while intoxicated or tired, braking suddenly, or following another car closely. 

Driving too close behind another vehicle is the main cause of accidents involving black ice. If the driver in front of you hits a patch of black ice and spins out, you will likely crash into them if you are driving close behind. it is always important to distance yourself appropriately from other vehicles on the road. 

What Makes Black Ice Different From Snow or Ice?

When driving on a road, it is easy to spot piles of snow or thick ice. it is certainly not easy to see black ice while driving at high speeds as it is a thin layer of ice that looks just like a layer of water. 

How is Fault Determined For a Black Ice Accident?

Drivers are always held accountable for crashes. Although weather conditions can bring about a collision, a driver has the responsibility to keep themselves and others on the road safe. A driver must drive with precaution and follow state driving laws at all times. 

Although a driver is always held accountable for an accident, there are a few outside factors that can help determine who or what is at fault for the accident. For example, if you were driving on a highway that was not properly plowed or salted which resulted in a collision, the plowing company could be liable for the accident. 

If many drivers are involved in a collision and it is believed that a few drivers are at fault, witnesses, law enforcement, investigators, and other helpful sources could determine who is at fault. Getting help from an experienced Maryland car accident attorney can help determine fault and request what is needed to build a case. 

How Can I Look Out For Black Ice?

Before getting on the road in the winter, ensure that the road conditions are safe and clear to drive on. Black ice can be hard to see from just a few feet away, let alone, a vehicle on the road. There are a few ways a driver can be alerted if there is black ice on the road. 

Black ice tends to be found in areas in which there is water runoff. Bridges are also prone to developing black ice. Areas on the road that do not receive a lot of sunlight also tend to have black ice as the road is colder in the shade. 

You are likely to experience or see black ice in the mornings or at night, as temperatures typically drop in these hours of the day. it is important to keep this information in mind while driving in the winter. Just because black ice is not visible to a driver does not mean that it is not on the road! Stay safe!

Can You Avoid An Accident On Black Ice?

Although you cannot avoid black ice accidents, there are ways in which you can prevent a collision during the winter season. 

You must never slam on the brakes when driving in snowy or icy conditions. Hitting the brakes suddenly may cause the car to spin out of control and potentially, hit another vehicle or run off of the road. 

If you need to stop, slowly put your foot on the brake. Do not freak out! it is important to keep both hands on the steering wheel and guide the wheel slowly until you are in a safe area. 

If your car begins to slide on ice, gently turn the steering wheel in the direction that the car is moving. Tires have traction, which helps prevent spinning out of control on the road. Once your tires find grip on the road after driving over black ice, you will be safe to continue driving!

Get Help From a Professional Today!! If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident caused by black ice, get professional help to assist with determining fault

To ensure that another driver’s insurance company is not taking advantage of you, contact an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney to receive legal help! If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident caused by black ice, get professional help to assist with determining fault and requesting legal documentation.