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A car accident might happen when we least expect it, even while riding in the back of a Lyft or Uber. If you are injured in a collision with a rideshare car, talk to our lawyers about how to get fair compensation.

Car accidents are often more complicated than they first seem, and determining who contributed to the accident can be difficult. You might sue the rideshare driver or other drivers entangled in the accident. Generally, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are shielded from liability, but you should speak to an attorney about your legal options regarding those potential defendants. Your damages may be significant and should account for medical costs, property damage, emotional distress, and possibly more. Evidence to support these claims for damages might involve photos from the scene, testimony from witnesses, and hospital records regarding your injuries.

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Parties That Can Be Sued for an Uber or Lyft Accident in Ballenger Creek

Vehicle accidents are often complex events that require a thorough investigation to determine who is to blame. It is not uncommon for injured victims to learn that more than one person or party shares blame for the crash. Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can help you figure out who caused the crash and how you can bring them to justice and get fair compensation.

The Rideshare Driver

Perhaps one of the first parties we should examine for fault is the driver of the rideshare vehicle involved in the accident. This is especially important if you were a passenger in the rideshare car during the crash. It is not unusual for these drivers to become distracted or drive too hastily.

Drivers for Uber and Lyft are often on their phones due to the nature of their work. They need their phone open to the rideshare app at all times because the app is how they connect with riders and get paid. On top of that, rideshare drivers are paid more if they complete more trips. This might incentivize them to drive fast and be less cautious on the road, leading to accidents.

Other Drivers in the Crash

Unless your accident was a single-vehicle crash, at least one other vehicle and driver is involved. This other driver may be to blame for the collision or at least share the blame with the rideshare driver. People often assume only one driver can be held liable for a crash, but this is not true. If other drivers somehow contributed to the accident, they may be held liable, too.

For example, suppose that you were a passenger in an Uber when another driver in the middle of an intersection struck your vehicle. Perhaps your Uber driver is responsible because they ran a red light. The other driver might be responsible also if they were speeding, making it difficult to stop in time to avoid the collision. Both parties might be responsible and may be made to cover your damages.

Lyft and Uber

It may be very tempting to include companies like Lyft or Uber in your lawsuit. After all, their drivers might be responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, Lyft and Uber tend to be protected from liability for things like accidents because their drivers are not classified as “employees.” Rather, drivers are legally considered independent contractors. While employers may be vicariously liable for injuries caused by negligent employees, the same rule does not apply to independent contractors.

Claiming Damages in a Ballenger Creek Lyft or Uber Crash Case

Our team will help you take stock of your damages, which might be more than you realize. Damages reflect the losses, injuries, and painful experiences related to the accident. While some damages are based on the money they cost plaintiffs, others are more subjective and vary from case to case.

Review all your expenses from the accident with your attorney. Car accidents are rarely cheap. First, we should assess all your hospital bills. Even a single hospital bill from a visit to the emergency room might be extremely expensive. If you need more extensive treatment, your bills might be even higher.

We should also think about the property or personal belongings you might have lost. If you were driving your own vehicle when an Uber or Lyft driver hit you, we can claim the value of your vehicle. Even if your vehicle was not damaged, you might have lost personal belongings. Perhaps you were in the backseat of the Uber or Lyft when the accident occurred, and your bag containing your laptop and cell phone was crushed. You should claim the value of those items among your damages.

Accidents can be emotionally and psychologically traumatizing. While it is difficult to assign a dollar value to emotional anguish, it can be done. Talk to your attorney about claiming damages related to your physical pain, mental anguish, and other subjective experiences.

Evidence to Support Your Claims in an Uber or Lyft Accident Case in Ballenger Creek

Supporting legal claims is never easy. The justice system is extremely demanding, and you will likely not win your case without plenty of strong evidence. The problem many plaintiffs face is figuring out where to find evidence.

A lot of strong evidence might come from where the accident occurred. It is normal for injured drivers and passengers to take photos after a crash. Maybe you took pictures of the damaged vehicles, license plates, injuries, and the surrounding area. These photos might help us pinpoint specific details needed to support your claims.

We should also speak to witnesses. Numerous other people often see car accidents. Maybe other drivers behind you or people walking by on the sidewalk saw your Uber or Lyft driver cause the accident. Their testimony might be very valuable to your claims. We should also explore the possibility of having you testify, especially if you have a clear memory of the accident.

Records might also be helpful. For example, hospital records might help us establish the severity and expenses of your injuries. Records or data from the Lyft or Uber app might shed light on where and how the crash happened.

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