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Lots of trucks travel across the country daily. Most of the time, these trucks get where they are going without incident. However, ever so often, a truck gets involved in an accident, and sadly, those accidents often leave the victims with incredibly serious injuries that require hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care. Trucking accident victims can become incredibly distressed and upset because of their injuries, and these feelings can be made even worse if they suspect that the truck accident happened because someone else did not do their job properly and was careless.

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Trucks that Cause Accidents in Ballenger Creek, MD

There are many kinds of trucks in the world, and all of them can cause and be involved in truck accidents. Below, we have come up with a list of some of the trucks that may have been involved in your accident, which we can represent you for.

18-Wheeler Commercial Trucks

One of the more common trucks you may see on a highway or traveling long distances is an 18-wheeler or “big rig” vehicle. These trucks are used to transport large quantities of cargo from one area to another, often over long distances. It is not unusual for these trucks to travel across multiple states to get where they are going.

18-wheelers are massive. This cannot be understated. Accordingly, accidents involving 18-wheelers often lead to incredibly gruesome injuries.

Semi Trucks (Without Trailers)

The front cab of an 18-wheeler is sometimes referred to as a semi truck on its own when traveling without a trailer. Usually, they travel this way when the driver has just dropped off their cargo and is moving on to the next pickup or taking the truck home.

While semi trucks are much, much smaller than full-on 18-wheelers, they are still much larger than most other things on the road and can cause serious injuries if they get in an accident.

Box Trucks

A box truck is a vehicle with a fixed cargo bay that is not attached to a linking device. If you can picture a generic rental truck/moving truck, you get the idea. Although smaller than 18-wheelers, box trucks are still plenty dangerous.

Moreover, box trucks are not always driven by trained truck drivers. Frequently, box trucks are privately owned or rented out, so the driver may not have as much experience driving a big vehicle. This could lead to an accident that would not have happened had the driver been more experienced.

Construction Trucks

A lot of different trucks are involved in construction efforts, especially at active construction sites. This is because there are a lot of heavy things that need to be moved around or disposed of at construction sites.

Perhaps the most iconic truck used in construction work is the dump truck. These gigantic vehicles are used to transport enormous quantities of debris out of a construction site. Dump trucks can get into accidents the same way as any other vehicle, but there are also some factors that are somewhat unique to dump trucks. For example, the top of a dump truck’s rear area is open topped. As such, debris may come loose and blow off the top, hitting nearby cars. Alternatively, a very heavy load can make a dump truck handle differently. If the driver is not prepared for this, an accident could result.

There are also specialist vehicles involved in construction that could cause an accident. For example, cement trucks are often spotted around construction sites. These trucks mix cement in their trailer area in a rotating vessel. This mixer is meant to be static when the truck is moving because if it is on, it can make the truck more difficult to drive, resulting in an accident.

Types of Truck Accidents in Ballenger Creek, MD

Truck accidents can happen in a lot of different ways. While it may not seem important to clarify the type of truck accident that took place in your situation, it is actually a key piece of information for our truck accident lawyers. This is because different types of truck accidents are more likely to be caused by certain things, and the cause of your truck accident determines who you can sue in court to try and recover damage. Below, we have detailed some of the types of truck accidents that happen on Maryland roads.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions happen when a truck hits an oncoming vehicle. These accidents can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from popped truck tries to defective front lights to driver error. Even with modern safety technology and advanced “crumple zones” in most sedans, SUVs, and other vehicles, these accidents can lead to nasty injuries.

Underride Accidents

Underride accidents happen when a vehicle impacts a truck and slides under it. These accidents are incredibly nasty and have a high rate of fatality because the victim’s upper body is in direct contact with the rear of the truck.

Most trucks are required to have protective bars on their rear to help prevent these accidents, but not all trucks have this safety feature, so the risk of an underride accident is still present.

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife accidents happen when the rear of a tractor-trailer folds in on the cab like a pocketknife. The most common cause of this type of accident is improper braking in bad weather, but it can also be caused by popped tires or defective brakes.

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