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Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to injuries in collisions with vehicles. Meanwhile, drivers often emerge relatively unscathed. An attorney can help you sue for your painful injuries and get fair compensation.

A pedestrian collision might happen in almost any place where foot traffic and vehicles cross paths. They might also happen where vehicles are not meant to be, like sidewalks or pedestrian walkways. If you are hurt, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer to talk about your legal options. Injured victims usually only have 3 years to file their cases in court. Otherwise, they lose their right to sue for their injuries, barring special circumstances. To prove your claims, we need evidence. Security cameras from the area around the accident, witnesses, and even dashcam footage from the defendant’s vehicle can help us support your claims. Your damages might be vast, especially if your injuries are severe. Medical bills, lost income from being unable to work, pain, suffering, and more might all be on the table.

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Where and How a Pedestrian Accident Can Happen in Ballenger Creek

Pedestrians often report that they never saw the car coming after a collision. While we often think of these kinds of accidents as happening on busy roads and streets where drivers have little time to stop, this is not always the case. Many pedestrian accidents happen in areas where speed limits are slower, and drivers let their guards down.

Pedestrian accidents on sidewalks and other pedestrian-only walkways are not uncommon. Vehicles are not permitted to be in these areas, and drivers are often entirely at fault. For example, a driver might be speeding and lose control of their car, running up on a sidewalk, injuring multiple pedestrians. Another possibility is that a driver took a wrong turn and drove down a pedestrian-only street.

Parking areas are hotspots for pedestrian collisions. People often underestimate how dangerous these places can be because drivers usually move much slower. Even so, a vehicle does not have to move very fast to injure a pedestrian. People walking through a parking garage or a parking lot might be hit by someone looking for a parking space.

Pedestrians tend to be very vulnerable in crosswalks and intersections. Drivers are supposed to stop for pedestrians, but not all drivers pay attention. Pedestrians might be run over by a speeding driver who does not bother to stop. Injuries in such cases might be catastrophic.

How Soon After a Pedestrian Accident in Ballenger Creek Should You Talk to a Lawyer?

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Maryland is found under Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § 5-101. Plaintiffs have 3 years from the day of the collision to file a lawsuit in court. This is a strict deadline. If you miss it, you risk losing your right to file the case and might never get fair compensation.

While the statute of limitations is strict, there are a few exceptions. These exceptions might allow our pedestrian accident lawyers to have the limitations period tolled, extending the deadline. Under Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § 5-201(a), a person who is a minor or under a mental disability when the accident happens may have 3 years from the day they turn 18 or the disability is removed to file their case.

How to Collect Evidence for a Pedestrian Accident Case in Ballenger Creek

A great source of evidence in pedestrian accident cases is security cameras. In a place like a parking garage or a crosswalk in an otherwise empty street, there might be few witnesses who can back you in court. However, there might be security cameras from nearby businesses or houses that recorded everything. Talk to your lawyer about the precise location of the accident. We might find nearby cameras that recorded the defendant hitting you with their car.

On the other hand, you might have been struck by a car in broad daylight in front of dozens of other people. This might be the case if the defendant ran up on a busy sidewalk. Witnesses might be the backbone of your case. The more people who can back you up in court with reliable and clear memories of the event, the better.

In some cases, evidence comes from the defendant. It is not uncommon for drivers to install dashcams in their cars to record things like accidents. If there was a dashcam in the defendant’s car, we can demand to see the video footage. If the defendant tries to erase the video to cover up the evidence, they might be in some serious trouble.

Review Your Damages for Your Ballenger Creek Pedestrian Accident Case with a Lawyer

An injured pedestrian might have steep damages to cover. Anyone who has been in an accident can tell you that they are not just painful, they are also expensive.

You might be in serious medical debt after being struck by a moving vehicle. Plaintiffs with especially severe injuries might need long-term medical treatment, and the hospital bills will only continue to grow.

While you recover from your injuries, you might be unable to work. You cannot earn an income without work, and making ends meet while trying to keep up with hospital bills might be impossible. Talk to your attorney about how much time you have lost at work and the income you would have earned had it not been for the defendant’s negligence.

You can also sue for non-economic injuries, like pain, suffering, psychological trauma, humiliation, and more. Non-economic damages are highly subjective, and the jury has the final say on their worth. However, there are statutory caps on non-economic damages. According to Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. Art. § 11-108(b), non-economic damages are currently capped at $935,000.

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