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When reeling from catastrophic motorcycle accidents in Ballenger Creek, victims can turn to our lawyers for help recovering compensation.

There are various stages to motorcycle accident and injury lawsuits in Ballenger Creek, the first being the accident itself. While you are still at the scene, take photos of the site and your injuries. An investigation should follow, and you can kick-start this stage by calling the police. Law enforcement will document the crash in an accident report, and our lawyers will get this report in the following days. We will continue to investigate your accident until we have enough evidence to file your case, which must happen within three years of the accident. After you file, we may negotiate a settlement with the defendant. If they refuse to give a fair offer, we can take your case to court, where a jury can decide the defendant’s fault and give you compensatory damages.

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Stages of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Ballenger Creek

Victims can break their motorcycle accident claims into stages to make them easily digestible and approachable. All injury lawsuits begin with an accident, often due to negligence. An investigation should come next, followed by the actual filing of the complaint. Our lawyers may then negotiate a settlement or proceed with a trial if necessary.

The Accident

The first stage is the accident itself. Motorcycle accidents often leave considerable physical evidence. Since debris on the pavement might endanger other drivers, first responders typically clear away accident scenes immediately. Because of this, evidence might be lost unless victims intentionally preserve it.

To preserve proof at the scene, you can photograph it. For example, you should take photos of where the other driver hit your motorcycle and damage to their vehicle. You can also photograph the final landing point of both vehicles and any nearby traffic signs or lights the other driver might have ignored. What you photograph will depend on the accident itself. For example, if the other driver drove over double yellow lines to pass someone in front of them, but they hit you on your motorcycle in the process, you should photograph the double yellow lines on the pavement. This shows that the driver would have had to violate traffic laws to go around another car in the first place, making them negligent.

You can also take photos of any immediately visible injuries you sustained during the accident to prove you were hurt at the scene in Ballenger Creek. You should also call the police to report and document the incident.

The Investigation

The investigation will start when law enforcement arrives. Police officers will process the site, speak to involved parties, and note pertinent information in a report. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can then obtain and use that report as we continue investigating the incident.

When investigating the accident further, we may speak with eyewitnesses. To interview eyewitnesses, we must learn their contact information, so getting the police report is often important. Motorcycle accidents might leave victims seriously injured and unable to talk to eyewitnesses themselves immediately after a crash in Ballenger Creek.

We may also return to the accident site on your behalf and survey it for additional information or evidence that might support your case. For example, local businesses or nearby homes might have security systems on their properties. We can contact security camera owners to request footage of the accident if it exists. Acting quickly in these instances is important, as footage might get deleted the longer you wait.

As we investigate the accident, you should focus on your physical health. Victims should go directly to emergency rooms after accidents. Keep getting medical care as necessary for your injuries, as your medical records will be crucial evidence in your claim.

The Complaint

According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, all motorcycle accident injury claims must be filed within three years. Missing this deadline could bar victims from recovery entirely. To ensure this does not happen to you, our lawyers will see how much more time you have to file based on the accident’s date and proceed accordingly.

When filing your complaint with the court, our lawyers will be sure to include the necessary information about the accident, the defendant’s negligent actions, and your requested compensation. To support your request for damages, our lawyers will prepare proof of your various losses due to injury, such as medical damages and lost wages.

The Negotiations

Settlement negotiations typically follow after victims file motorcycle injury lawsuits in Ballenger Creek. During negotiations, our lawyers can leverage evidence against the defendant to convince them to settle at a fair amount. Accepting any of the first few offers might be unwise. Initial offers are often low in case victims accept. If they do, defendants will only have to pay the agreed-upon amounts, which might be less than what victims deserve.

The Trial

The final stage is the trial, though not all lawsuits reach this point, as some victims settle claims out of court. If your case goes all the way to a trial, it could be because the opposing side did not offer a fair settlement.

Our lawyers will present evidence of the defendant’s negligence at a trial. Our goal will be to prove that it is more likely than not that the defendant caused your injuries, as that is the standard of proof for motorcycle injury cases in Ballenger Creek. The jury assigned to your case will weigh all the evidence and decide the defendant’s negligence. When successful in their claims, victims can recover substantial awards from juries. For example, in addition to compensating you for your financial losses, the jury may include compensation for non-economic damages in your award.

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