Baltimore Attorney for Injuries Sustained at a Sporting Event

When you go to a sporting event, you know that there is usually a chance that the athletes on the field or on the court could be injured.  However, there is also a chance that the fans in the stands could be injured, whether the event is at a large stadium like Oriole Park or M&T Bank Stadium or at a small field at a high school or local park.  Our Baltimore attorneys for injuries sustained at a sporting event might be able to help with these kinds of injuries.

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Injuries at Football, Baseball, and Basketball Games in the Baltimore Area

In most professional sports games, most of the action occurs on the field.  However, fans are always ready for a foul ball or a homerun to come into the stands where they can catch it, or spectators are waiting for a football or basketball to be thrown up into the stands.  These are just some of the obvious ways that the game could spill over into the stands in such a way that might injure someone.

Injuries from home run balls and foul balls account for a portion of injuries sustained at sporting events.  There have been high-profile cases where injured children and young infants were hit in the head by stray baseballs, sometimes causing serious brain trauma.  If the ball hit you in the face or you were struck when you were looking in another direction, you could also have suffered serious brain injuries, concussions, broken bones in the face or skull, and other injuries.  the stadium should usually have cages and nets to prevent balls from going into the stands in an unsafe way, but if the netting is torn or the cage isn’t big enough, the ball could get past the stadium’s negligent defenses and cause serious injuries.

Injuries at basketball games are surprisingly common for spectators with floor seats.  There have been high-profile cases where professional players have been forced to dive to save a ball and crashed into fans on the side of the court.  Pro players are often big people, and when they’re running at full speed, anyone in their way could be seriously injured.  This is even true in many cases surrounding injuries at local sports or high school sports events.

At football games, the ball is less likely to enter the stands unless someone throws it there intentionally.  Still, especially at games in high school or other smaller leagues where the fans are closer to the action, fans could be injured from running players, stray balls, and other harms.  the same is true for many other sporting events aside from baseball, basketball, and football, such as a lacrosse or field hockey game where the balls are especially hard and can cause serious injury to bystanders.

Injuries at Sports Stadiums in Baltimore

Sports stadiums and arenas can often have many injury risks that have little to do with the game itself.  the stairs and floors at a sports arena are often made of metal and other hard materials that might not be safe if they get wet.  Slippery floors and stairs can be extremely dangerous, and people can be seriously injured in a slip and fall accident on the premises.  Whether the stands are wet from rain or spilled beer and other drinks, the risk is the same, and the patron might be seriously hurt.

Additionally, large sporting events often have security issues.  You might need to pass through a metal detector or have your bag searched on the way into a stadium, which is done to ensure that no one brings weapons onto the premises.  If someone does sneak a gun in, the stadium staff might be responsible for the negligent security they provided.  Similarly, if someone starts a fight or assaults you because the security staff at the stadium did not intervene to keep you safe, you might also have a case for a negligent security claim.  In some local sporting events, you might even be at risk from assault and battery committed by a parent or coach if things get out of hand.

Other injuries can also happen from food poisoning or other problems with food and drinks at a sporting event.  Many professional arenas and stadiums are governed by health codes and must be inspected to ensure that the food is safe to eat, but local games at a park or a high school might not have standards that are quite as strict.  Dangerous or contaminated food could sicken patrons.

Lastly, other dangers from structural issues such as a broken railing or a collapse in the stands could cause serious or even deadly injuries.  Talk to a lawyer if you were injured by collapsing stands or other dangerous premises at a sporting event.

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