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Explosions are not the kind of accident that occurs every day.  Despite the rarity of serious explosion accidents, people nearby an explosion when it goes off could be seriously injured.  If you or a loved one was hurt by an explosion at work in Baltimore, near your home, in a car accident, or from a defective line or tank, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Types of Explosion Accidents

Explosions can occur in many ways.  For something to qualify as an “explosion,” it does not need to be a large detonation heard for miles around.  Something as simple as a gas tank or propane tank catching fire and burning quickly could be considered an “explosion,” as could fire that reaches a gas line, dangerous chemical combinations at a manufacturing plant, and fire suddenly bursting from a defective lithium-ion battery.

Many household systems and devices could potentially explode if there is a leak or a problem with the device.  Many household explosions are started by leaking natural gas lines for stoves or heaters.  Others are caused by leaking propane tanks that are stored in a garage or shed where the leaking propane stays contained and becomes a fire hazard.

Tools, appliances, and toys relying on lithium-ion batteries could also explode if the battery malfunctions, starts to become deformed, or breaches its housing.  Incidents with these kinds of explosions have been recorded with electric scooters and similar devices (e.g., hoverboards) as well as cell phones and e-cigarettes or vape pens.

Cars and defective gas lines and gas tanks can also lead to explosions.  If your car is suffering from a serious manufacturing or design defect, the engine or gas tank could burst into flames because of a leak or problem.  In a car accident, a punctured or breached gas tank or fuel line could also burst into flames if it catches on a spark.

Many jobs deal with volatile chemicals, fuel, oil, and gas.  If there is a problem with safety systems or a coworker commits a serious error because of a lack of training or skill, you could be injured in an explosion.  If this is the case, you might be able to sue your employer – but workers’ compensation rules might prohibit this.  Talk to a lawyer to learn more.

Lastly, construction could cause explosions.  Negligent digging could hit gas lines, propane and acetylene could be improperly stored, and demolition charges could cause intentional explosions.  If any of these are handled improperly and cause injuries to bystanders or neighbors, they may be entitled to sue for injuries.

Suing for Injuries in an Explosion in Baltimore, MD

Victims of explosion injuries might face serious burns or even lost or damaged limbs.  These injuries could be permanent and extremely painful.  They may also prevent you from returning to the work or force you to take a lower-paying job.  If you suffered these kinds of injuries in Baltimore, you may be able to claim compensation in a lawsuit.  If your loved one was killed in an explosion, you may be entitled to sue the responsible parties for the additional damages you faced.

Medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering are the three primary areas of damages most people claim in an injury case.  These damages can cover any medical costs associated with the injuries, including the cost of follow-up care and future care.  Lost wages can include past and present lost wages as well as future, projected losses.  the damages for pain and suffering are based on how severe the injuries are and how much of a negative effect they had on your life and the enjoyment of day-to-day tasks and activities.

If you lost a loved one in an explosion in Baltimore, Maryland, the damages can be substantial.  These costs could include damages for their lost household services, lost companionship, loss of consortium, lost income, burial costs, funeral expenses, and other financial and personal losses.

When figuring out whom to sue, your lawyer can help.  Typically, the person responsible for an injury or accident will be someone involved with the accident.  In car accidents, for example, the at-fault driver might be liable for the explosion since it was a result of the crash they caused.  In other cases, the responsible party might be more removed from the accident itself: for accidents caused at work, the employer might be responsible; for construction accidents, the construction company might be responsible; and for accidents caused by defective or dangerous products, the manufacturer might be responsible.

When you sue a responsible party for the injuries you or a loved one received from an explosion, they may attempt to end the case early by offering a settlement.  Many cases end in settlements, but it is important to talk to a lawyer about what your case is worth so you can decide whether the settlement covers your needs.

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