Baltimore Lawyer Who Sues Insurance Companies

For personal injuries in Baltimore, damages are often paid for by at-fault parties’ insurance companies. However, in some cases, insurers are reluctant to pay plaintiffs’ claims and will attempt to improperly deny payment.

If the insurance company in your case denies your claim in bad faith, then you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking the compensation you deserve. The assistance of our attorneys can be very valuable when seeking to overturn a wrongful denial.

If your insurance claim was improperly denied in Baltimore, then you should call Rice, Murtha & Psoras right away. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies will fight for the full range of financial compensation available to you. Our phone number is (410) 694-7291.

Examples of When Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith in Baltimore

There are multiple ways that insurance companies can act in bad faith. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies can help file lawsuits against insurers who commit the following forms of wrongdoing:

Failure to Communicate

Insurance companies can act in bad faith by failing to communicate with claimants. For example, an insurer may intentionally ignore communications made by an injured party or needlessly postpone handling their claim. In these cases, claimants can sue insurance companies for failing to properly communicate.

Unreasonable Denials

Unreasonable claim denials are also a common way that insurance companies act in bad faith. If an insurer is refusing to provide you with the compensation you seek, then they must provide a clear explanation for their denial. If your claim is denied without good reason, then you should call our law firm right away. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies can help fight for the damages that are warranted in your case.

Delays in Payment

Delays in payment can also constitute acts of bad faith committed by insurance companies in Baltimore. The insurer in your case may employ this tactic in order to entice lower settlement agreements. Fortunately, our lawyers can file a lawsuit against an insurance company for improperly delaying payment of your claim.

Inappropriate Settlement Offers

Insurance companies can also act in bad faith by making low, inappropriate settlement offers. Insurers may make low offers in hopes of enticing a settlement agreement for less than your case is actually worth. Fortunately, our experienced Baltimore attorneys who sue insurance companies can help evaluate any settlement offers presented in you case, so that you can successfully determine if the offer is inadequate.

Misinterpreting Language from a Policy

Furthermore, an insurer may also act in bad faith by misinterpreting language from a policy. The following are potential ways that a policy may be misinterpreted:

  • Utilizing language in an unintended manner
  • Interpreting language in a purposely vague way
  • Intentionally misconstruing aspects of a policy
  • Referencing language that is not applicable to your claim

If you were negatively affected by a misinterpretation of language from an insurance policy, then you may be entitled to monetary damages. Our attorneys can help identify the proper path to financial compensation.

Unreasonable Requests for Documents

Lastly, an insurer may ask for an unreasonable amount of paperwork related to your injuries and your accident when searching for reasons to deny your claim. Fortunately, unreasonable requests for documents can constitute acts of bad faith. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies can help hold an insurance company accountable for making such a request.

First-Party Insurance Claims vs. Third-Party Insurance Claims in Baltimore

Typically, there are two types of insurance claims that are sought by personal injury victims. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies can help fight wrongful denials pertaining to either of the following types of claims:

First-Party Insurance Claims

First-party insurance claims are claims made by policyholders against their own insurers. Many denials of such claims involve issue with coverage. For example, your insurance company may wrongfully alter the conditions of your policy without your consent. In that case, our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies could help pursue payment for the improper denial of your first-party claim.

Third-Party Insurance Claims

Third-party insurance claims are those brought by individuals other than policyholders. For example, you may seek compensation from another driver’s insurance company after suffering a car accident. If you need recover payment through a third-party insurance claim, then our Baltimore attorneys who sue insurance companies can help ensure your damages are not wrongfully denied.

What to Do if You Think an Insurance Company Has Acted in Bad Faith in Baltimore

If you believe an insurance company has acted in bad faith, then there are certain steps you can take to protect your interests. Any of the following actions may help your ability to file a successful lawsuit against an insurer who acted inappropriately:

  • Check filing deadlines to ensure that your claim is filed on-time
  • Collect and preserve documentation pertaining to your claim, such as correspondence between you and the insurer or copies of the insurance policy at issue
  • Record as many relevant details as you can surrounding the circumstances of your accident and injury
  • Call our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies as soon as possible

The process for obtaining monetary damages through a bad faith insurance lawsuit can be complex. Insurance companies may employ several different strategies to keep you from recovering the payment you deserve. Fortunately, our lawyers can help you take the appropriate steps toward compensation.

Should You Notify Your Insurance Company of an Accident That Was Not Your Fault in Baltimore?

If you suffered a harmful accident, then you should notify your insurance company as soon as you can, even if the accident was not your fault. Most insurance companies require their policyholders to notify them of accidents in a timely manner. Failing to report your accident could cause your rates to rise. Our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies can offer support when offering a statement to your insurer.

If You Need to Sue an Insurance Company in Baltimore, Our Attorneys Can Help

If your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, seek assistance by calling our Baltimore lawyers who sue insurance companies at (410) 694-7291. Our team at Rice, Murtha & Psoras can provide a free assessment of your potential case.