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You could suffer a puncture wound or laceration for many potential reasons. Whether from a work-related injury or a dog bite, lacerations and puncture wounds can result in serious medical complications that require immediate medical attention. If you or a loved one suffered a severe puncture wound or laceration due to another person’s negligence, contact our experienced Baltimore puncture wound and laceration lawyer.

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Suing for Lacerations and Puncture Wounds in Baltimore

Lacerations and punctures are two distinct types of wounds, each with different characteristics.

A laceration is an injury where the soft tissue is torn or sliced open. the wound is usually rough and irregular in nature, and lacerations generally present an increased risk of infection due to debris and bacteria left inside the wound from whatever object inflicted the injury.

A puncture wound, on the other hand, is usually caused by a sharp, pointed object such as a nail. One of the most common puncture wounds that leads to personal injury lawsuits is a dog bite. Typically, puncture wounds do not bleed excessively and might appear closed. However, puncture wounds can affect deeper tissue, and therefore, they are prone to infection if left untreated.

If you or a loved one suffered a laceration or puncture wound due to someone’s reckless or negligent behavior, contact our experienced Baltimore puncture wound and laceration attorney to discuss your options for filing a lawsuit against them and their insurance company.

Causes of Puncture Wounds and Lacerations in Maryland Injury Cases

There are many ways that a puncture wound or laceration could occur that might entitle you to file a lawsuit for your injuries:

Dog Bites

According to the Humane Society of the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. the injuries range from minor bruising to serious puncture wounds and even death. If you were attacked by a dog and sustained a puncture wound, you should seek immediate medical attention to get the wound treated and avoid infection.

In Baltimore, there is a “strict liability” rule for dogs running “at large” – dogs that are off the owner’s property without a leash. If an attack occurs, the owner is responsible whether or not the owner had any prior knowledge of the dog’s aggressive nature. Furthermore, in nearly all other cases, there is a rebuttable presumption that a dog owner knew or should have known that their dog would act aggressively. it is the burden of the owner to prove otherwise.

Construction Site Injuries

An area near a construction site, such as a sidewalk near a home renovation, might have debris, nails, or other sharp objects littering the area. it is easy for an unsuspecting pedestrian to end up with an unseen nail in their foot if the debris is not adequately cleared away. If a walkway is not cleared of debris or properly cordoned off, any injury sustained in the area could be the result of the construction crew’s negligence.

Car Accidents

Serious car accidents can also result in multiple lacerations and cuts. If a reckless or negligent driver strikes your vehicle, it can send wreckage, metal shards, and glass flying throughout your car, potentially wounding you and any passengers inside the vehicle.

Dangerous Premises

Poorly maintain buildings or apartment complexes can also present hazards that could cause lacerations or puncture wounds. Poorly lit stairwells or broken stairs can lead to falls resulting in serious puncture wounds or laceration injuries during the fall, and other unmaintained construction could present additional risks for lacerations or puncture wounds. If you have suffered any wounds due to an inadequately maintained building, contact our Maryland attorney to determine if the owner of the premises or the property manager is liable for your injuries.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgical mistakes can also lead to dangerous lacerations with long-lasting adverse medical complications. A surgeon is trusted to make incisions to tissue and organs in order to preserve the health of their patient. Careless mistakes can result in severed nerves and organ perforation, leading to infection, organ failure, or even death. Other negligent lacerations and puncture wounds can also lead to serious medical malpractice claims.

Damages from Lacerations and Puncture Wounds in Maryland Injury Lawsuits

Depending on the severity of a laceration or puncture wound, you may need costly medical care, expensive physical therapy, and replacement wages if your ability to work was limited. If another person’s negligence caused your injury, they might be responsible for any damages you incurred. Lost wages and medical costs are considered economic damages and are simple to quantify. Additionally, you can also be compensated for pain and suffering, or “noneconomic” damages. Our attorneys will work with the specific facts of your case and the type of injury you sustained to calculate a fair monetary value for the harm you suffered.

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Puncture wounds and lacerations are potential injuries from many types of accidents or negligence. If you or a loved one sustained a severe wound because of another person’s negligent or careless actions, contact our experienced Baltimore puncture wound and laceration attorneys to evaluate your injury claim. Rice, Murtha & Psoras have assisted hundreds of individuals who have suffered injuries from puncture wounds and lacerations. Call (410) 694-7291 today to schedule a free consultation.