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Understanding Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik (laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses) is a process used by thousands of people every year in the U.S. As of today, millions of patients have had this procedure performed in the country. This surgical procedure is commonly used to correct vision problems, which can affect a person’s life. Some of the most common issues for which Lasik is used include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, among other conditions. This particular procedure requires training, skill, and experience. Problems arise when inexperienced or negligent ophthalmologists try to perform this delicate vision correction procedure on innocent patients. the results of medical negligence have proven to be a problem for patients who seek assistance to get better in the first place.

Common Risks Associated with Lasik

While there have been many success stories in Lasik cases, there have been many people who have suffered damage to their eyes as a result of a failed procedure. There are many risks associated with Lasik. the patient must weigh these risks before submitting him or herself to the process. This is something that must be done by the operating doctor. For instance, it is the doctor’s obligation to inform the patient he or she may lose lines of vision. A patient may also develop an issue that causes him or her to see halos around objects, or make objects look double or triple, depending on how the procedure is performed.

These are all risks that must be explained in detail to all patients so they can make an informed decision on the procedure they will submit to. There are many details related to a Lasik procedure, which requires a clear understanding so that it can be relayed to the patients. This is part of a doctor’s duty of care to their patients, which stems from their doctor-patient relationship. Most problems arise when a doctor fails to communicate the risks associated with their vision correction surgery. We will discuss this and other issues that may lead a doctor to perform poorly and damage a patient’s vision.

Medical Malpractice Claims for Lasik Eye Surgery Injuries

Lasik surgeons are liable as any other medical care professional who injure their patients or deviates from the standard of care expected from all medical practitioners. Patients how are injured by their physicians can file a claim against their doctors for any injuries they sustain. Generally, an injured patient can fight for compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim against the negligent, careless, or reckless physician. This type of claim requires you to prove the existence of several elements. Without them, you would not be able to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

It is always in your best interest to be represented by a professional, dedicated, skilled attorney who understands how to navigate through a medical malpractice claim process.

The elements you will need to prove with the court are as follows:

Professional Relationship

The first element you will need to show with the court is the existence of a doctor-patient relationship. In other words, a professional relationship in which your doctor accepted to treat and take care of you. This relationship starts the moment your doctor agrees to be your physician. Once you have established this professional relationship exists, you may advance to the next step.

Duty of Care

Every healthcare provider and medical practitioner owes a duty of care to all of their patients. This duty of care stems from the standard of care expected by all physicians. the standard of care used in medical malpractice claims is whether another physician, with the same level of skill and experience, would have acted the same way under similar circumstances. In other words, would another doctor with similar experience perform your Lasik surgery the same way the defendant did? If the answer is no, then your doctor would be found in breach of their duty of care.

Breach of Duty

The violation of duty is the term used to determine your doctor (defendant) did not meet the standard of care as expected from a professional of his or her stature. In other words, they deviated from the medical standard of care owed to their patients.


During this stage, you will need to show there is a link between the breach of duty from the defendant and your injuries. Generally, you are trying to show the cause of your injuries, which in most cases, happens due to the defendant’s negligence.


This is the part where you show the court you suffered losses as a result of your injuries. This can include medical expenses you received to treat your injuries, lost wages you suffered as a result of being out of the work, and pain and suffering associated with the trauma caused by your injury or injuries.

A skilled, dedicated Lasik eye surgery injury attorney can help you throughout the entirety of your case.

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