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When taking medication, a person trusts that their doctor and their pharmacy has ensured that the medication is safe to take. However, a mistake when prescribing or picking up medicine from a pharmacy can be dangerous for an unsuspecting patient. If you or a family member was injured due to bad medication, you should consult with an experienced Baltimore bad medication injury lawyer today.

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How Bad Medication Injuries Occur

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are used to treat a number of illnesses and medical conditions that affect millions of people across the United States. However, some drugs given to patients and consumers can result in a serious injury or reaction for a number of reasons. the following is a list of common causes of bad medication injuries.

Lack of Information About Medication

Many doctors will prescribe medication for their patients that were first sold to them by drug representatives from pharmaceutical companies. it is expected that these drug representatives provide doctors and hospitals with the full range of side effects for the drugs they are selling. However, to ensure that doctors are more likely to purchase their products, some drug representatives may omit or misrepresent the side effects of certain drugs.

Failure to disclose complete information about a particular drug means that a doctor may recommend a drug to a patient that could interact poorly with other drugs, or that may lead to the development of a serious illness.

Improper Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) plays an important role in determining the safety of drugs provided to residents of the United States. Unfortunately, some gaps in medication regulations could allow ineffective or dangerous drugs to slip through the evaluation process. When this happens, consumers could be seriously harmed by these poorly tested drugs.

Releasing Drugs without Sufficient Testing

Drug manufacturers must also thoroughly test their products to ensure that they work for the purpose for which they are designed. This stage of manufacturing should last an extensive amount of time to ensure that a dangerous or defective drug is not released.

When a drug manufacturer fails to test a certain drug accurately, it could cause severe interactions after being used by a patient. In some cases, a dangerous drug could take weeks or months to begin to cause adverse symptoms. That is why the drug testing process needs to last for a significant period of time to determine all the risks of a drug.

There are other scenarios where bad medication could wind up in the hands of an unsuspecting patient. To learn more about filing a lawsuit for a bad medication injury, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Baltimore dangerous medication injury lawyer today.

Common Types of Bad Medication Lawsuits in Baltimore

As bad medication injuries could affect a wide range of people across the United States, many bad medication lawsuits have to be aggregated in order to be thoroughly litigated. Class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation (MDL) are two ways for plaintiffs to aggregate their claims against pharmaceutical companies that could be liable for their injuries.

Class action lawsuits are used to combine substantially similar claims against one or more defendants. To manage the claims of all the plaintiffs involved in the case, the court will need to appoint a representative or multiple representatives to serve the interests of all plaintiffs that sign on to the case.

Multidistrict litigation differs from a class-action lawsuit because each plaintiff’s case is still litigated separately. Instead, MDL is used to combine pre-trial issues for similar cases that are occurring within a certain geographic area.

Determining Liability for a Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drug Injury

If you were the victim of a dangerous drug injury, you should not delay in speaking with an experienced attorney. Our firm can help you determine who is liable for the injuries you suffered while taking a certain brand of medication.

In many cases, the manufacturer of a drug would be held liable for injuries caused to a patient. Drug manufacturers should be aware of how their drugs may adversely affect a person, and they should appropriately warn of any dangerous side effects. As mentioned, the improper testing of certain drugs could also make a drug manufacturer liable for an injury.

Alternatively, a healthcare professional could also be liable for your injury. A doctor is supposed to understand how their patient may react to a prescribed drug or whether that drug could interact poorly with other medications. Unfortunately, some doctors may prescribe dangerous medications that could injure their patients.

Our Experienced Baltimore Bad Medication Attorney is Here for You

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