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When car accidents happen, there can be serious consequences. Victims of car crashes are often badly injured and require emergency medical care. Moreover, there is often a lengthy recovery period following a car accident where the victim has to focus solely on “getting back on their feet” and will not be able to work, spend time with loved ones, or do other things they enjoy. On top of all that, the financial burden of recovering from a motor vehicle accident can be tremendously high. Many victims of car accidents can start to feel despondent because of the long road ahead of them.

However, that does not mean that you have to travel that road alone. With so much going on after a car crash, you need experienced legal help working for you – help that we can provide. Our attorneys have the know-how, drive, and skills to help you through the car accident lawsuit process from start to finish. We will never quit fighting for you until you have the financial compensation you need after a car accident.

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Car Accident Injuries in Brooklyn Park, MD

Serious injuries can happen because of car accidents. Many victims have injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. However, you should not be dissuaded from filing a claim with our car accident attorneys if you only have minor injuries, as whether you can file a claim or not is not related to the seriousness of your injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are common in car crashes, as the force of a motor vehicle impact can knock someone’s head around. Minor head injuries can include bruising or bumps on the head.

A very serious kind of head injury is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries are caused by very hard hits on the head that damage the brain. One of the most well-known TBIs is a concussion, or “mild” TBI. Even a TBI on the lower end of the spectrum can cause memory loss, mood swings, and other unsavory side effects, while more severe traumatic brain injuries can cause paralysis or even death.

Neck Injuries

As with head injuries, neck injuries are also common in car accidents and often happen in concert with head injuries. One very frequent head injury in motor vehicle crashes is whiplash, which is the result of someone’s neck violently jerking back and forth because of an impact. Whiplash may not even be apparent until a couple of days after an accident when a victim’s neck and back suddenly are tense and in great pain.

More serious neck injuries from car accidents usually involve damage to the spinal cord or column. These injuries can result in numbness or pain in certain parts of the body or even paralysis.

Injuries to Limbs

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to bruised, cut up, or broken arms or legs because of the high-speed forces and heavy objects involved. A broken arm or leg is extremely painful and will need to be immobilized for some time in order for the victim to make a full recovery.

Cutting and Puncturing Injuries

Cuts and “stabbing/” puncturing injuries can happen anywhere on the body in a car accident. Bits of warped metal and broken glass can easily cut through or impale someone in a crash.

Depending on where on the body cuts happen, they can leave nasty scars, which result in permanent disfigurement. If you receive a particularly nasty cut around the fingers or toes, you could even lose a digit.

Puncture wounds are actually much more dangerous than cuts, even though they may not look as bad from the outside. First, punctures are much harder to sew shut and stop bleeding than cuts, so they require more out-of-emergency first responders. Second, it only takes a few inches of penetration from broken glass, metal, or another object to hit vital organs, placing someone in a very serious condition and in need of immediate medical attention. Additionally, an object that causes a puncturing wound may need to be removed from the body, further complicating the process.


Unfortunately, some number of car accidents will result in the death of the victim. In those cases, you can file a wrongful death claim with the help of our lawyers. There are some special rules you may need to follow in those cases, so you should discuss your claim with our attorneys.

Damages You Can Seek in Brooklyn Park, MD Car Accident Claims

At the end of the day, when you file your claim with the court, you are looking to be awarded damages. In a lawsuit, damages serve the purpose of giving the victim of an accident back what they lost because of their injuries. Often, the time spent recovering and loss of the ability to do certain things cannot literally be given back, so money damages get used as a substitute.

One important thing you can get damages for in your claim is your medical expenses. Emergency, short-term and long-term medical care can be very expensive, so you can have the defendant who caused those injures be compelled to pay for it instead. You can also get damages based on various opportunities to earn income you missed out on because of your injuries.

Additionally, you can get damages for less concrete things like physical pain or mental anguish. As these things do not have an immediately obvious value, you will have to establish their value in court and convince the jury to agree.

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