Can a Husband Hire a Criminal Defense for his Wife in Baltimore?

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If your wife ends up arrested for a crime in Baltimore, one of the first calls you are likely to make is to a criminal defense lawyer. We can seldom predict when a family member will get in trouble with the law. Chances are, we won’t have an attorney on speed dial. A husband can hire a criminal defense for his wife in Baltimore and it’s often easier for a family member to make the call.

Although a husband can hire a criminal defense for his wife in Baltimore, he won’t be privy to the confidential discussions between his wife and her attorney. Client-attorney privilege means these changes are private and protected by law. 

Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Randolph Rice has represented people accused of crimes for over a decade. Family members regularly contact our firm for help. In this article, Randolph Rice considers ‘can a husband hire a criminal defense for his wife in Baltimore?’

What Are the Questions to Ask Before Hiring Criminal Defense in Baltimore?

It’s important to act fast after your wife’s arrest in Baltimore. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer will give you greater a piece of mind and protect your wife during police interrogations. The attorney will make sure your wife gets out of jail as soon as possible. Most defendants are released on bond or on their own recognizance, which means no cash or property conditions are set. Defendants on serious felony charges may not be released. 

It’s understandable for you to want your wife to be released from jail as soon as possible. Baltimore’s jails and holding facilities are overcrowded and chaotic places. It’s also important to find the right attorney for the situation. You should consider the following:

Does the Lawyer Specialize in Criminal Defense Work?

Many attorneys in Baltimore work across a wide range of legal fields. Check how long your attorney has practiced criminal law. Also, check if his or her background is in the criminal courts. 

It’s important to hire an attorney who knows the criminal courts. The lawyer who handled your bankruptcy might not be an ideal candidate to fight your DUI if he has never handled a drunk driving case. You will want to contact a Baltimore DUI defense lawyer to handle your DUI case. 

How Often Has Your Baltimore Lawyer Taken a Case to Trial?

Ask a lawyer how often he or she has taken a case before a judge and jury. Some lawyers routinely aim for plea bargains without fighting for your innocence. Randolph Rice has taken hundreds of cases before judges and juries in district and circuit courts in the Baltimore area.


Location is an important factor to consider when you are looking to find criminal defense for your wife. You should hire a lawyer with offices in Baltimore who can easily get to the courts or meet your wife if she is incarcerated. It’s helpful if the lawyer knows the prosecutors and other court officials and has a close working relationship. 


Talk to the criminal defense lawyer upfront about the likely costs of the case. A spouse of the defendant often has more time to discuss costs with the attorney than the accused. Attorneys don’t work to a set schedule of fees. Typically, straightforward misdemeanors and traffic offenses may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500. The criminal defense costs for more serious felonies and federal crimes may run to five figures. However, you should seek a consultation with an attorney to find out how much your case will cost.

Find out if your attorney charges an hourly rate or a flat rate. Rates among criminal defense attorneys in Baltimore are competitive. Don’t assume the cheapest lawyer will always give you the best service. You should also be mindful of the time factor if you are shopping around for a lawyer to get your wife out of jail.

Although some defendants and their families worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer, failure to get effective legal representation in Baltimore can also be costly. For instance, the real bill for a DUI conviction including fines, lost driving privileges, lost employment, and higher insurance rates can be up to $20,000 in Maryland. Contact a Maryland DUI lawyer for assistance. 

Do You Qualify for a Public Defender?

The accused sometimes qualifies for a public defender in Baltimore. The state appoints this lawyer on your behalf. A husband may research the city’s public defender program and help his wife but she must do the paperwork. Her eligibility for a public defender in Baltimore is based on her ability to pay for her representation.

According to Maryland Courts, a District Court Commissioner determines whether the accused can qualify to be represented by the Office of the Public Defender for the District Court or Circuit Court criminal cases.

Applicants for the public defender program should bring court charging documents or traffic tickers to the court office, trial date notices, proof of income or proof of public assistance if you are unemployed.

Why Should a Husband Hire a Criminal Defense for His Wife in Baltimore?

Few things in life are as stressful as an arrest. Any help a husband can give a wife in securing bail or hiring a criminal defense lawyer can relieve the burden. Sadly, not all defendants have supportive family members to help them after they end up in jail. If you hire criminal defense for your wife, the contractual relationship is between the lawyer and the wife. That means the husband does not have a right to be present at consultations between the attorney and the defendant. 

Talk to the Law Offices of Randolph Rice About Hiring Criminal Defense for Your Wife in Baltimore

At the Law Offices of Randolph Rice, we are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients and keeping them out of jail if possible. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who has worked in the Baltimore courts for well over a decade and is familiar with the procedures and the people who work there. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible for a family member in jail affords protections. The police must stop asking your loved one questions until an attorney is present. This can protect your family member from self-incrimination. Please contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today for a free consultation at (410) 431-0911.


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