Car Accident Insurance Claims in Maryland

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When you are in a car accident, the last thing that you want to worry about is dealing with your insurance company. The harsh reality is that all drivers in an accident will have to deal with their insurance company following an accident.

Filing an insurance claim should be a relatively easy process. Sadly, many times it is not. Car accidents and insurance claims follow the “at-fault” system in Maryland. This means that your claim must prove the other driver was at fault before you can recover money for damages. After proving the other driver is at fault, you can recover compensation by either:

  • Filing claim with your insurance company;
  • Filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company; or
  • Filing a lawsuit against the other driver

Filing A Claim with Your Insurance Company

You pay for insurance for coverage in the event of an accident. Therefore, it’s important that you take advantages of the services you pay for. When filing a claim with your insurance company, follow these basic steps:

  • Follow the company’s directions. They will tell you what information you will need to provide.
  • Avoid discussing any injuries or even your health.
  • Provide insurance company with the information requested with regards to time and place of the accident, circumstances leading to the accident, weather conditions, any names and contact information obtained, and photos.
  • Keep records of any and all accident-related expenses such as repairs and medical expenses.
  • Consult a skilled car accident attorney if you receive any settlement offer.

Dealing with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

An insurance company’s goal is to avoid paying out money. Therefore, the other driver’s insurance company will be attempting to pay out the smallest possible settlement, if they pay out any money at all!

You are not required to speak to the opposing party’s insurance company. You have no obligation to provide any recorded statements. Make sure to direct them to your insurance company or your attorney.

Filing a Lawsuit to Recover Damages

Your claim may be denied or you may not receive full compensation for your injuries. Whenever this is the case, you should consider filing a lawsuit to recover damages.

Filing a lawsuit will trigger a lengthy legal process. Although you may end up recovering more in damages, it may require several months if not years to receive your compensation.

Maryland law requires drivers to maintain insurance policies to cover personal injury. The personal injury protection (PIP) must cover at least $2,500. This small amount may not be enough to cover all of your accident-related injuries. A lawsuit allows an injured party to seek additional compensation for expenses such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills.

What is Contributory Negligence?

Maryland drivers are able to recover damages so long as they are not partially at fault for their own injuries and damage. Maryland implements the “contributory negligence” theory. Under this theory, which was recently upheld in court, a driver is completely barred from recovery if he or she was even one percent at fault. Therefore, determining fault is imperative in Maryland car accident cases.


If you have been in a car accident, the Law Offices of Randolph Rice can help you recover just compensation. We understand the complexities and stresses of dealing with insurance companies. We will carefully review the facts of your case in order to ensure that we help you recover the compensation you deserve. Schedule an initial consultation by calling (410) 694-7291 today.


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