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Large vehicles like trucks might cause considerable damage during accidents with smaller passenger cars in Columbus. Following such an accident, victims can hold negligent parties accountable via lawsuits.

You must file your lawsuit within two years of the truck accident, but you should do so sooner if possible. Delaying filing is not wise, as it could cause issues with your case. Our lawyers will write and file your injury complaint with the court to initiate your lawsuit. After the defendant gets served, we may negotiate a settlement. The settlement should cover most, if not all, of your damages. If the defendant or defendants refuse to give you a fair settlement, you can change directions and go to trial. When victims do this, they get the opportunity to prove a defendant’s fault in court and recover awards from juries. Jury awards may include compensation for all economic damages and non-economic damages.

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When, How, and Why You Should Sue for a Columbus, GA Truck Accident

The prospect of litigation can be understandably intimidating for victims. However, if you are dealing with serious injuries because of a negligent truck driver or trucking company in Columbus, filing a lawsuit can result in total compensation for all damages from an injury.

When to Sue

Understanding the importance of timely filing is paramount, as there is a strict deadline for bringing injury claims in Columbus. O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 stipulates that all personal injury claims must be filed within two years of an incident. If the truck involved in the accident is a government-owned vehicle, such as a trash truck, this timeframe might be even shorter. Based on the accident’s date and circumstances, we can determine how much time you have left to start your case.

Despite having two years to file in most cases, victims should not wait that long unless they must because of extenuating circumstances. Delaying filing could cause issues with evidence collection and other processes throughout your case.

Deciding when to file is a delicate process. Filing too soon after a collision might not allow for a comprehensive understanding of your injuries, financial losses, and emotional damages. Our truck accident lawyers will only file your claim in Columbus once we have thoroughly assessed the value of your case. To make sure you have enough time to file, we will begin investigating the incident straight away.

How to Sue

You must file a complaint with the court to start your truck accident lawsuit. Your initial complaint needs to contain specific information about your case. For example, we must provide the defendant’s name, explain how they acted negligently, and request your desired compensation based on our calculation of your damages.

Some truck injury claims involve multiple defendants, such as the driver and their employer. If more than one person or entity shares fault for your injuries, we can name them both in your complaint with the court.

After we file the complaint, the defendant will be served and notified of the lawsuit. Settlement negotiations might follow, and our lawyers can prepare you for what to expect from them.

Reasons to Sue

The main reason to sue following a major truck accident is to get compensation from the at-fault party or parties. Lawsuits may cover various incurred damages, ranging from victims’ medical costs to lost wages. Each time you get an invoice during your treatment, give it to our lawyers. We will help you document and track all financial losses from the collision so we have proof to present to the jury should your case go to trial.

Victims may also get damages for their pain and suffering from truck accident injuries. Georgia does not limit compensation for non-economic damages in most cases. Furthermore, if the defendant was grossly reckless or negligent when they hurt you, you could get punitive damages from a jury.

When to Take Your Truck Injury Case to Court in Columbus, GA

Victims who want compensation quickly might settle their claims without going to trial. Sometimes, settlement negotiations actually take longer than trials, so knowing when to change directions is important.

A big reason to take your case to court is if the defendant never improves their settlement offers. While initial offers are typically low, the defendant could increase offers as we negotiate. However, if they do not budge much from their first offer, they could be trying to wait you out. Some defendants think that, by dragging out negotiations, plaintiffs will settle for unfair offers.

Identifying these tactics immediately is vital, lest you risk waiting longer for the compensation you need. If we think the defendant’s offers are unfair and will not improve, we may advise you to move forward with a trial.

The defense might depose you in preparation for a trial. We can prepare you for depositions to ensure that any statements you make are consistent with those you have made in the past. You can view this as a useful experience, as you might testify during the trial about certain aspects of your case, such as your non-economic damages.

During the trial for your lawsuit, we will present our evidence to the jury, and the defense will do the same. After reviewing all of the evidence, the jury will decide the defendant’s liability. If the defendant is fully liable, they may compensate you for all of your damages. If the jury decides you are partly to blame, it might reduce your compensation according to O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33. Our lawyers can anticipate the defendant’s comparative fault defense and make a plan to thwart it so your compensation remains unaffected.

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